Winning the War for Talent in the Public Sector

Prolonged hiring times, bureaucratic and hierarchical management models also make it harder to attract workers, especially people 35 and under, who increasingly want to work for innovative and agile organizations.

Not All Innovation Projects Are Born Equal

It's important to achieve a balance across the spectrum of projects and phases of development.

Orlando Mayor: Cities Need to Be Better Prepared for Mass Violence

“It’s important that we as mayors begin a larger discourse about how we prepare for and respond to these types of events,” Mayor Buddy Dyer tells the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

12 Things Employers Can Do to Improve Gender Equality in the Workplace

Practical steps to help level the workplace playing field for men and women.

3 Characteristics of a 21st Century Government

According to the mayor of Fishers, Indiana, “internal alignment around core values” is important to reduce tensions between the legislative and executive branches.

The Path to Better Performance Reporting

What are the lessons learned and what are we still learning about performance and evidence-based management in government?

At the Illinois State Capitol, Obama Eschews the ‘Refusal to Compromise as an Accomplishment’

This week, the president returned to Springfield, where the inter-party “trust we’d built meant that we came at each debate assuming the best in one another and not the worst.”

Coming Jan. 20: A Viewcast on Route Fifty’s State and Local Government Management Challenges Survey

Mark your calendars: We’ll be releasing the results of a survey of more than 900 state and local government leaders, employees and other public sector practitioners. Register and tune in.

The Dallas CPE: Planning, Management and Continuous Improvement Enhance Service Delivery

The City of Dallas integrates proven management systems and performance improvement tools under a single umbrella to provide better, more efficient services to residents.

Wanted in Ann Arbor: A City Administrator With ‘10-15 Years Experience in Child Care’

That job qualification might seem odd, but is an important reality in some local governments.

Connected Government, Part III: A County Executive’s Tool-Kit as an Elected Official

In the third of a multi-part guest article series for Route Fifty, King County (Wash.) Executive Dow Constantine examines a complex issue many public officials around the United States are facing in their communities: infrastructure.

Young Public Servants Want to Be Leaders in Local Government

Changing jurisdictions may indicate a stronger desire for a leadership role.

What Mayors Can Do to Manage a Crisis of Ferguson Proportions

At their annual conference, African-American mayors are told that most cities lack effective crisis-management teams.

A Municipal Innovation Priority: People Want Information And ‘They Want It Now’

Rosetta Carrington Lue, Philadelphia’s chief customer experience strategy, innovation and technology officer, discusses principles of the customer service experience.

Local Governments Face Talent Management, Retirement Challenges

An assistant city manager in the Bay Area suggests placing a “greater emphasis on cultivating talent and helping it flourish.”

Grading Baltimore's Mayor on Her Own Advice for Police

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and other mayors put together a January set of guidelines for cities on improving police-community relations. She's followed few of them herself.

Implementing New Technology in State Government Can Create Big Headaches

“We still have a long way to go . . . for government to be the digital business we need it to be,” Massachusetts Chief Information Officer Bill Oates said at a NASCIO conference session.