Management Principles

A Hidden COVID-19 Risk Factor: Your Boss

America’s flawed approach to sick leave is making the pandemic worse.

Good Riddance to the Handshake

A terrible custom is gone for good. Hallelujah.

How to Listen to Your Loved Ones with Empathy When You Yourself Are Feeling the Strain of Social Distancing

COMMENTARY | When you are stuck at home during social distancing, it's only natural to feel on edge at times. So how do you listen to a loved one who is on edge, too?

What to Ask Instead of ‘How Are You?’ During a Pandemic

Everyone’s doing badly. We need better questions to ask.

How to Keep a Remote Workforce Engaged

COMMENTARY | With millions of public sector employees moving to full-time remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic, government employers will need to find innovative ways to keep their employees engaged.

Government Secrecy is Growing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COMMENTARY | Instead of limiting access, agencies can use this crisis as an opportunity to make government even more accessible to the public it serves.

Lessons from States that Embraced Telework Before the Coronavirus

COMMENTARY | How to avoid certain pitfalls now that many—or most—employees must now work from home.

When Bigger Is Better

COMMENTARY | Validating public policy outcomes is critical, but so is building on the evidence. A new study looks at what’s needed to expand successful programs.

Reduce Stress at Work and Prevent Burnout—a Psychologist Explains How

COMMENTARY | Tackling burnout is the responsibility of both organizations and their employees.

Beyond Buzzwords and Dashboards: Effective Approaches to Performance Management

In a new book, Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene assess the state of efforts to improve state and local government operations.

Worried About Accidentally Harassing a Woman? Don’t Be

COMMENTARY | Accidentally harassing someone on the job doesn't really happen.

Why Bosses Should Let Employees Surf the Web at Work

COMMENTARY | New research suggests that a little cyberloafing on the job can help workers deal with stressful work environments.

Whistleblowing Isn't Just a Federal Issue

COMMENTARY | An interview about the first comprehensive study of state whistleblower laws and how states protect—or don’t protect—people who report wrongdoing.

Designing Constructive Feedback Discussions for Success

If it’s not about pursuing high performance tied to the mission, it’s personal, and that’s lousy feedback.

Confucius Has a Message for Leaders Who Want to Succeed: Reflect

COMMENTARY | The ancient Chinese teacher called reflection the best way to become wise, yet we rarely consider it a core trait of a great leader. It's time for that to change.

Managers Take Note: Less of You is Probably Enough

Your success isn’t directly correlated to how much time you spend telling people what to do.

Data Evangelists Spread the Word on Boosting Government Performance

A recent gathering of state and local officials had the feel of an old time revival.

What Stands Between Young People and Local Government Jobs?

COMMENTARY | Many millennials or members of Generation Z are interested in meaningful work that can help improve people’s lives, but they don’t necessarily see government jobs in that light.

In This State, Government Employees Can Now Bring Their Babies to Work

Starting next month, some state employees in New Hampshire will be allowed to bring their infants to work.

Leading and Succeeding Where Organizational Boundaries Are Unclear

These are the gray zones—visible an irritating to all—where authority and responsibility are muddled.