Native Americans

Four Perspectives on the Christopher Columbus Statues

When Chicago removed two statues last week, it did so in the middle of the night without public announcement. What does that mean for communities invested in the decision making process?

Why Tribes Should Have the Power to Enforce Strict Coronavirus Policies

COMMENTARY | Nonmembers who flout tribal stay-at-home orders could pose an existential threat to tribal communities.

Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma is Native American Land

The full implications of the ruling on criminal justice—and maybe other areas of the law—are not yet known as Oklahoma negotiates with tribes in wake of the verdict.

Montana’s Tribal Nations Preserve COVID Restrictions To Preserve Their Cultures

Tribal leaders across the state say reservation shutdowns and stay-at-home orders will continue for now, as widespread, proactive testing for the virus on reservations gets underway.

Two States Could Discourage Getting Rid of Native Mascots

Lawmakers in Utah and Idaho will consider measures that express support for Native mascots, urging schools to keep them.

The Necessity of the Indian Child Welfare Act

COMMENTARY | A case now before the Fifth Circuit threatens to upend the laws that enable Native self-governance.

What’s Really Behind the Native American Health Gap?

Melissa Walls of the Center for American Indian Health in Duluth, Minnesota, talks about the lasting health effects of “Indian Relocation” policies of the 1950s.