This Small Nebraska City Uses Cash Incentives to Attract Skilled Workers

To be eligible for the matching grant program, employers must be recruiting for “quality jobs,” paying at or above the state’s median wage.

Some Mayors Have the Power to Pardon. This Mayor Wants to Expand Those Powers.

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | San Francisco mayor’s new needle-cleanup plan … Oklahoma wildfire … Wisconsin renewable energy investments … and “a collection of disparate ideas” in Florida.

Spurring Entrepreneurship Starts By Talking With Talent

“If you start with institutions, you get an institutional response…”

Days After a Pipeline Spill, Nebraska Gives Keystone XL Final Approval to Build

The last permitting hurdle for the $8 billion project has been cleared, after nine years of controversy and delay.

Nebraska Gears Up for ‘Last Stand’ Protests Opposing Keystone XL Pipeline

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Filibuster Used in the Latest State Gun Control Preemption Fight

Fueled by national gun rights groups, state lawmakers across the country have steadily stripped away the power of local officials to make gun laws. Is Nebraska next?

In 2016 Elections, Americans Voted to Execute More People

Nebraskans voted to reinstate the death penalty, and Californians voted to speed up their executions.

Why Two States Are at Odds Over the Future of the Death Penalty

Public support for capital punishment has declined in recent years, but the issue continues to be a point of contention, as some advocate for its repeal and others push for its reinstatement.

Nebraska’s Rules That Limit Movie Megaplexes; Tucson’s Gun Buyback Program Under Fire

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As Its Economy Shifts, Nebraska Looks for a Way Forward

Can the Cornhusker State attract high-wage jobs that require a highly-skilled workforce?

What Happens When You Warn Students About Their Loan Debt?

Research suggests that students say no to loans when they’re told how loans could weigh on them in the future. Yet in some cases, borrowing less may make it harder for students to graduate.

Renewable Energy Projects May Get Boost From Well-Heeled Private Sector Partners

Large energy projects can be politically and financially challenging for public officials. But seeking out cross-sector collaborations can be the best and quickest way to make sustainable energy happen.

In Every State, Gains in Income Trail Growth in Economy

The state-level look shows that some of the biggest gaps are in prospering energy states like North Dakota and Wyoming.

Ways States Are Trying to Counter Rural Flight

Population loss in much of rural, small-town America has accelerated in recent years, prompting states and localities to offer incentives and share services to counter a dwindling tax base.

What Will Happen to Truck Stop Towns When Driverless Truck Technology Expands?

In just a few years, communities that depend on the trucking industry for their vitality will be facing major economic disruption.