How to Win the War Against Veteran Homelessness

“We want to send a strong message to our veteran community that there are people in the community who care deeply about their welfare and who will be available to help when they need it,” according to the mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire.

New State-Level Unemployment and Jobs Figures Released

In 20 states, September jobless rates were significantly lower than the national figure of 5 percent, the U.S. Department of Labor reports.

Route Fifty Roadmap: What’s Next for New Hampshire’s Executive Council?

The five members of this unique state body often wield more power than the governor. And that can sometimes cause headaches in America’s most democratic system of government.

State Governments Hit Post-Recession Revenue Milestone

For the first time since the Great Recession, tax receipts have recovered in a majority of states.

A Federal ID Act Is ‘Getting REAL’ for These States

Four states, soon to be five, lack waivers that could save their residents from being turned away by airport security starting in January.