New York State

American Law Does Not Take Rape Seriously

COMMENTARY | Permeating every moment of Harvey Weinstein’s trial is the disturbing history of sexual-assault prosecution in America.

Supreme Court Allows Trump Administration to Move Forward with 'Public Charge' Rule

States, advocacy groups and others have filed lawsuits to halt implementation of the rule, which limits the public assistance immigrants can receive and still be eligible for green cards.

A State Could Open Up a Window for Adult Sex Abuse Survivors to Sue Over Old Allegations

Legislation introduced in the New York state legislature would create a one-year period for people to file lawsuits in cases where the statute of limitations has expired.

Cities and States Look to Tap More Tax Revenue From Expensive Real Estate Sales

“It basically allows for luxury housing to pay for affordable housing,” said a Boston city council member describing a "transfer" tax proposal there.

Latest State Effort to Ban ‘Styrofoam’ Will Target Food Containers, Packing Peanuts

New York's governor is backing the plan. Lawmakers in three other states passed similar foam restrictions earlier this year.

Local Law Enforcement Rejects New County Law Criminalizing Behavior that ‘Annoys’ Police

Local law enforcement leaders in Monroe County, New York said Wednesday they won't arrest people for annoying their officers, rejecting a new law signed on Monday.

A Local Government Makes It Illegal to ‘Annoy’ Police

Opponents say the law passed in Monroe County, New York, is too vague and likely unconstitutional.

After Rapper's 'Hymen Check' Comments, New York Lawmakers Want to Outlaw Virginity Testing

New York state legislators have filed two bills to ban the practice of virginity testing, which seeks to confirm the presence of a girl or woman's hymen as evidence that she is not sexually active.

State AG to Investigate Findings of Discrimination by Realtors

A multi-year investigation by Newsday found a range of troubling practices by real estate agents on Long Island, New York.

The Imperfect Art of Tracking Local Government Financial Stress

California is the latest state to launch a program to shed light on the financial conditions in localities. Systems like this can have benefits, but also limitations.

States Try to Ferret Out Unnamed Landlords

New York now requires LLCs that own residential properties to name the investors.

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A Legislative Campaign to End Youth Tackle Football

A lawmaker in New York reintroduced a bill to ban tackle football for young children, continuing a debate over the safety of the sport.

Nothing Can Alleviate the Pain of a Stillborn Baby. But States Consider Helping with Parents' Financial Burdens

Several states have passed laws allowing parents of stillborn babies to claim tax credits. Several others have proposed it.

Two Governors Pledge to Collaborate On Legal Marijuana Regulations

Neither New York or Connecticut allow for recreational pot yet. But governors of the two states are interested in setting consistent guidelines for it.

After Amazon’s HQ2 Retreat, New York State Lawmakers Target ‘Corporate Welfare’

After the collapse of Amazon’s HQ2 deal, New York State lawmakers are preparing bills to curb what they call “corporate welfare.” And they’re not alone.

Federal Watchdog Sounds Alarm Over New York Nursing Homes

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General found shortfalls related to fire safety and other areas in a survey of 20 facilities.

Making It Easier to Rescue Dogs Trapped in Hot Cars

Firefighters and paramedics can now legally break windows to rescue pets left in hot and cold cars under a new law in New York.

New Democratic Majorities Lead to Rush of Bills—and Conflict

With new trifectas, Democratic leaders in six states had the opportunity to push through many new laws. But there were also clashes, both internally and with Republicans.

When Street Lights Do More Than Illuminate a City

New York cities plan to deploy smart technology, from optic scanners to weather sensors, when they retrofit street lights to make them more energy efficient.

Ending Natural Hair Discrimination

Measures at both the state and local level seek to protect natural hairstyles that African Americans are sometimes asked to change.