Parking Tech

Washington, D.C. Considers Allowing Residents to Issue Parking Tickets

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Albuquerque considers charging for car crash costs … St Louis County may require landlords to accept housing vouchers … Montana provides student loan aid to young farmers.

Cities Deploy High-Tech Boots on Parking Scofflaws

Officials tout the 'self-remove' boots as a convenience. But advocates for the poor say the technology is just part of a larger fine-focused justice system that hurts those who can least afford to pay.

Chicago’s Parking Garages Are Ready for AVs

“There can’t be an autonomous future without autonomous parking,” said SpotHero CEO Mark Lawrence.

A Glimpse Into America's Transportation Future

COMMENTARY | According to SpotHero CEO Mark Lawrence, Lyft’s $100 million investment in driver service centers "provides a snapshot of what a responsible future of urban mobility could look like."

‘Surge Parking’ Pilot Prompts ‘Revenue Piggy Bank’ Worries in Chicago

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: California’s big infrastructure funding proposal; Bridgegate sentencing; and Nevada’s state worker unionization bill.

What State and Local Transportation Agencies Can Expect in 2016

Xerox’s parking and mobility vice president Matt Darst weighs in.

Was Streamlining Indianapolis’ Parking System Worth It?

A public-private partnership has increased annual parking revenues from about $339,000 to more than $3.3 million, but it's sparked controversy, too.

Philly Faces a Big Question With Its Proposed Parking App: It May Be Too Easy to Use

The ability to add meter time remotely will make it easier to avoid tickets. And that revenue helps fund the city’s schools.

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