Public Health

A Nebraska Law Bans People with STDs from Marrying. A Lawmaker Wants to Scrap It

An obscure law in Nebraska prevents people with STDs from marrying—and makes it difficult for people to annul their marriages for similar reasons.

What Happened to the Anti-Alcohol Movement?

Unlike in previous generations, hardly any formal organizations are pushing to reduce the amount that Americans drink.

State Lawmakers Urge Medicaid Expansion to Fight Maternal Mortality Crisis

A bipartisan panel of Georgia lawmakers recommended that the state expand Medicaid coverage for poor and rural mothers, a move they said could help lower the state's high maternal death rate.

For Rural Drug Users, Finding Clean Needles Might Mean Looking in the Mail

In places where needle exchanges are scarce or even illegal, one online, mail-based needle exchange is trying to get people safe injection supplies and overdose reversal materials.

The Disproportionate Effects of Air Pollution

Residents of poor and segregated neighborhoods around St. Louis had heightened risk of cancer due to increased exposure to air pollutants, including car emissions, researchers found.

Cannabis Confusion Pushes States to Ban Smokable Hemp

Law enforcement groups have protested the sale of hemp products that resemble marijuana.

Coping With Loss Of Hospital, Rural Town Realizes: We Don’t Need A Hospital

It’s been about a year since the hospital in Fort Scott, Kan., closed. The lessons for this community about meeting its residents’ health needs could provide insights for the rest of the country.

Chicago Is Making the Case for Releasing Pregnant Inmates

Women in jail typically have limited prenatal support and return to custody soon after giving birth. One program is testing a different approach.

Don’t Toss That E-Cig: Vaping Waste Is A Whole New Headache For Schools And Cities

In Boulder, Colorado, school custodians are dealing with vaping litter, while city staffers are trying to educate people about not just dumping e-cigarette components in the trash.

Teen Marijuana Vaping on the Rise While Other Drug, Alcohol Use Declines

The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s annual teenage drug use survey found marijuana vaping has doubled among high schools seniors, while alcohol, tobacco, and opioid use are all on the decline.

San Francisco Hopes To Improve Care For People With Mental Illness Living On Streets

San Francisco is using a new state law to expand the use of conservatorship, which allows the city to take people with mental illness and substance abuse issues off the streets without their consent and put them into treatment.

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Our War Against Urban Rats Could be Leading to Swift Evolutionary Changes

COMMENTARY | Rats are superbly adapted to forage efficiently, breed often and produce enough progeny to repopulate quickly.

Early in the Season, Flu Widespread in 10 States

Public health officials said they hope to improve both information sharing and vaccine manufacturing to reduce the spread of flu in the near future.

The Healthiest—and Unhealthiest—States

Reduced smoking rates, not much violent crime and low reports of sexually transmitted diseases make Vermont the healthiest state in the country, according to rankings released this week.

HIV Treatment, Testing Not Reaching Enough People, CDC Says

New data shows that current treatment, testing and prevention methods are not reaching enough Americans to help curtail new HIV cases, which federal officials said underscores the need for expanded options.

Report: Over 2 Million Children Affected by the Opioid Epidemic

The societal costs associated with children’s exposure to opioids could total $400 billion by 2030, a new report from the United Hospital Fund estimates.

Eliminating Food Deserts Won’t Help Poorer Americans Eat Healthier

COMMENTARY | The effect on healthy eating from opening new supermarkets is negligible at best.

Not Just Opioids: Death Toll From Cocaine is Rising

While the U.S. continues to focus mainly on the opioid crisis, cocaine is quietly making a comeback and has become one of the biggest overdose killers of African Americans when tainted with fentanyl.

Efforts To Move The Needle On Flu Shot Rates Get Stuck

The flat immunization rates worry public health officials who say the vaccine is the best weapon to prevent the flu.

For Public Health Agencies, Hiring in Competitive Field is Particularly Challenging

Hiring managers say competition with the private sector and other factors make it difficult to recruit and retain staff. A new Center for State and Local Government Excellence report details ways that local governments have succeeded despite these challenges.