Public Transit Still Rules Rush Hour in Cities

But that doesn't mean ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft don't play an important role in addressing local mobility challenges, according to a new report.

Making New Mobility Services Adapt to Your City, Not the Other Way Around

Seattle has rolled out a new mobility playbook “anchored on understanding that we need to welcome this technology because it makes it easier for everyone to travel.”

In Phoenix, Waymo Is Trying to Hit Uber Where It Hurts

The competitor is targeting residents of Arizona's largest city, where one of the ride-hailing giant's self-driving cars recently flipped.

New York City May Force Uber to Add a Tipping Option to Its App

Drivers in New York could reasonably expect another $4 to $6 an hour.

Taxing the New Economy, Starting With Uber, Lyft

Ride-hailing services are among the new services to get taxed, as states seek to align old tax codes with a new economy.

Pittsburgh Mayor Has Harsh Words for Uber on Its ‘Moral Obligation’

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Distracted driving deaths in Colorado; Massachusetts city calls for Trump impeachment; and Florida governor’s prosecutorial intervention.

What's Behind Declining Transit Ridership Nationwide?

Pick a culprit: The rise of ride-hailing services, budget cuts, cheap oil, or bad service.

Closing the ‘Last Mile' Gap With Uber and Lyft Continues to Gain Steam

“We see it as building as many different modes to match the needs of our customers as possible,” according to the MBTA’s transportation innovation director.

Ride-Hailing's Racial Reckoning

Researchers find that Uber and Lyft may not be as race-blind as many hoped.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Develop a Municipal Transportation App

L.A.’s and Denver’s were spearheaded by mayors, but a powerful transit agency can just as easily bring key players into the fold.

The Great Microtransit Experiment of Kansas City

Missouri's largest city is partnering with Bridj to demonstrate what happens when ride-hailing meets public transit.

Uber Joins New York City’s Fight Against Fatigued Driving

The car-booking company will abide by the Taxi & Limousines Commission’s revised rules on for-hire drivers’ shift lengths, once they’re solidified.

Did These States Help Stifle Innovation in 2015?

Vote for the best example of policymakers opposing technology in ITIF’s Luddite Award poll.

What State and Local Transportation Agencies Can Expect in 2016

Xerox’s parking and mobility vice president Matt Darst weighs in.

Calif. to Take on Gig Economy Labor Rights; Mo. Lawmakers Aim to Punish Student Athlete Protesters

Also: Baltimore suburban officials feel blindsided by city’s long-running low-income-housing plan and local Florida governments see windfall in move toward cremation.

Legal Clash Looms Over Seattle Legislation to Organize Uber and Lyft Drivers

Even though Mayor Ed Murray declined to sign the City Council’s bill, it will become law anyway under the terms of the city’s charter. But will it survive a likely court challenge?