Rural America

Why Rural America Is Joining the Movement for Black Lives

Officers may be neighbors, making the rural response uniquely personal.

It’s Time to Rethink the Disrupted US Food System From the Ground Up

COMMENTARY | The soil that produces our nation’s food supply is a weakened link slowly failing under ongoing strain.

In a Rural Valley, Virus Threat Hangs Heavy Over Summer Tourist Season

Washington’s Methow Valley is a magnet for tourists and people looking to get into the outdoors. But the coronavirus outbreak is stirring mixed reactions about visitors.

Small Rural Businesses Fight for Bailout Aid

Unclear federal guidance has deterred many rural business owners from applying for help.

Rural Destinations ‘Ready to Reopen’ But Fear Virus

Communities are weighing their economic needs against their infection fears.

Under Social Distancing, Rural Regions Push For More Broadband

More than a fifth of Americans in rural areas lack broadband.

Youth, Disconnected: Coronavirus Leaves Some Behind

Up to 1 in 4 rural teens and young adults are not in school or working.

Rural, Intercity Bus Companies Hit Hard by Pandemic

Ninety percent of small intercity bus companies have closed.

Some Local Officials Lash Out At State Restrictions to Combat Virus

Sheriffs and some Republican local officials in a few Democratic-led states are saying they won’t enforce governors’ orders, and at least one is vowing a challenge in court.

Who Has the Right to Shelter in a Small Town?

COMMENTARY | People are fleeing big cities for rural areas in an attempt to outrun COVID-19. In Marfa, Texas, that has divided the community.

Coronavirus Threatens Strained Rural Health Care System

In rural areas, there are fewer hospitals, residents travel longer distances to get medical care, and a higher proportion of people are older, poorer, and sicker.

Cash Bail Is Creating a Crisis in Rural Jails

A federal lawsuit alleges lack of due process in a rural Tennessee county, and reform advocates say its jail is hardly an outlier.

The Startling Inequality Gap That Emerges After Age 65

Seniors in urban areas and on the coasts are surviving longer than their counterparts in rural areas and the nation’s interior.

As US Coal Plants Shutter, One Town Tests an Off-Ramp

It's complicated for rural areas to recover from a coal plant closure — even with help.

Report: Two-Thirds of Counties Average Internet Speeds Slower Than Broadband

A new report by the National Association of Counties highlights slow internet connectivity speeds experienced acutely in small, rural counties.

Weak Business Growth Across Rural America Highlighted in New Report

It’s some of the latest research to look at the growing divide between thriving cities and other parts of the country that are lagging economically.

Here Are Some of the ‘Promising Practices’ in State Broadband Expansion

A new Pew Charitable Trusts report found that policies like “dig once” requirements can encourage better collaboration with internet service providers to expand access.

Eastern Kentucky Has Been Underwater, but You Probably Didn’t Notice

COMMENTARY | Central Appalachia has experienced catastrophic flooding. Most Americans have no idea this natural disaster has been happening.

Frustrated by Flawed Broadband Maps, States Are Trying to Create Their Own

The Federal Communications Commission’s broadband maps underestimate the number of households that lack internet service. State agencies are trying to gather better data.