Rural America

Rural America Has a Maternal Mortality Problem. Midwives Might Help Solve It.

Hospitals are shutting down across rural America, creating a shortage of care.

Why the 2020 Census Matters for Rural Americans

COMMENTARY | People living in rural and small town America in particular have much at stake in the 2020 census. Unfortunately, census participation tends to be lower in rural areas.

Watchdog Warns Census 'Short on Time' While Using Untested New Methods

The 2020 Census will for the first time allow respondents to answer surveys online, but the Census Bureau hasn’t been able to test to ensure all new innovative methods will function correctly when deployed, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Exchange Programs Think Beyond Urban vs. Rural

States swap city, country residents to foster connection in a divisive political climate.

The Education Deserts of Rural America

The college-completion gap between rural and urban residents is widening.

Wanted: Lawyers for Rural America

Law schools find recruiting attorneys to rural America is a tough sell.