Rural America

Why Many Organic Farmers ‘Didn’t Notice the Trade War’

The dispute didn’t substantially harm one of fastest-growing sectors of U.S. agriculture.

USDA Issues Third, and Final, Trade Payment to Farmers

Farmer optimism is rising following a new trade deal with China.

Rural America’s Health Crisis Seizes States’ Attention

Many states are focused on making improvements, both large and small, to address health care problems in rural areas.

FCC Approves $20 Billion Rural Broadband Funding Plan

While proponents heralded the fund as a major step to close the "rural digital divide," Democrats on the commission warned that many areas that need internet won't get help.

Property Taxes Sink Farmland Owners

As farmland continues to increase in value, even amid declining farm prices and weather woes, farmers see their tax bills rise.

Feds Should Take Steps to Help Coordinate Rural Transit Service, Watchdog says

The Government Accountability Office says U.S. DOT lacks an adequate strategy for communicating and sharing information about rural transit coordination opportunities and best practices.

School Closures Can Hit Rural Communities Hard

COMMENTARY | The demise of local schools can also lead to the closure of local businesses and expedite population losses.

For Appalachian Counties, Jobs are Key for Opioid Recovery

Leaders from Appalachian counties shared their experiences battling the opioid epidemic, and pointed to economic opportunities for residents as an important part of the recovery effort.

Coping With Loss Of Hospital, Rural Town Realizes: We Don’t Need A Hospital

It’s been about a year since the hospital in Fort Scott, Kan., closed. The lessons for this community about meeting its residents’ health needs could provide insights for the rest of the country.

Grocery Delivery for Food Stamp Recipients Isn't Necessarily a Food Desert Solution

New research shows that letting SNAP recipients order groceries online for delivery works well in urban areas, but doesn’t provide much help to those in rural food deserts.

Poverty Grew in One-Third of Counties Despite Strong National Economy

Every state has at least one county where poverty increased since 2016.

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Farmers’ Despair Pushes States to Act

At least seven states introduced bills to beef up rural mental health.

Rural America Sees Biggest Income Dips—and Jumps

Per capita income in the United States rose 4% last year to $54,000.

Rural Communities Look to Jails for Revenue

A new report found that rural areas are increasingly renting out jail beds to places with overcrowded facilities in an effort to bring in more revenue.

Rural Areas Hope to Get More From National Service Programs

Limited housing, transportation make rural areas less attractive to participants.

Farmers Struggle as Hemp Harvest Winds Down

Many hemp growers won’t make much money, and some might go bust.

Rural Seasonal Workers Worry About Medicaid Work Requirements

State officials in Montana estimate that up to 12,000 people will lose health coverage when work requirements are put in place.

Farm Bankruptcies Rise in Over Half of States

Farm debt is also expected to reach its highest ever level in 2019.

Rural and Safety Net Hospitals Prepare for Cut in Federal Support

Many safety net and rural hospitals have slim or negative operating margins.

‘Rural America is Not an Economic Liability’

A think-tank drills down into the variation across the nation’s rural economies and looks for where opportunities might lie.