San José Innovation Challenge Leads to Graffiti-Cleaning Drone

The next round of the contest will look at how the city can improve the way it orders evacuations ahead of serious flooding.

Collaborating to Close Silicon Valley’s ‘Homework Gap’

A new partnership in San José plans to distribute free mobile hotspots to 1 million low-income students over five years.

San José Looks to Integrate Autonomous Vehicles Into Its Transportation Strategy

Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement will likely speed up the push to embrace self-driving cars in the sustainability-minded and tech-oriented California city.

Federal Money for Caltrain Electrification Project Could Be Doomed

“There’s no funding. And, so, that’s a problem,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told a U.S.Senate Committee on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Don’t Miss the Rebroadcast of Route Fifty’s Seattle Roadshow Event

The mayors of Anchorage, Grand Rapids and San José join us to discuss equity and resiliency and land use challenges in their cities.

Figuring Out a Strategy to Retrofit Suburbia in San José

North San José—and the rest of Silicon Valley—is full of office parks sitting in seas of parking lots, creating a tough environment to improve planning approaches.

Taking City Sustainability to the Next Level

“[T]here’s no question we can’t rely on Washington, D.C., to lead if we are going to make any progress toward our climate goals,” San José Mayor Sam Liccardo said.

The Long Journey to ‘Shovel Ready’ for Silicon Valley’s Train of the Future

On major infrastructure investments, “state and local leaders face strong incentives towards inaction,” the managing director of the Stanford Global Projects Center writes in a guest article.

Route Fifty at SXSW: Our Interview With San José Mayor Sam Liccardo

Liccardo’s city is a “platform” for partnerships that drive smart city innovation.

Will a New Push to Bring Automated Speed Enforcement to California Succeed?

Previous attempts to allow the use of speed cameras in the Golden State have failed. But advocates, including leaders in San Francisco and San José, are hoping to change that.

San José Moves Forward on Free Broadband for Underserved School Families

Three simultaneous pilots testing affordable broadband technology in tens of thousands of homes is what’s envisioned in the heart of Silicon Valley.

How San José Reduced Illegal Dumping With Behavioral Insights

A pilot project aimed to find ways to make a free, large-item pickup program more effective.

San José Wants Local Innovators to Create Graffiti-Removal Device

Faster removal of visual blight for less money is the goal of a new competition open to entrepreneurs and students.

Looking at Two Participatory Budgeting Processes

The Participatory Budgeting Project recently won an award for its work in New York City, while Every Voice Engaged preaches an alternative method of market research.

San José Partners With Facebook on Accessible, Gigabit Internet

Did California’s aspiring “Demonstration City” discover a better model for universal broadband access?

San José Wants to Be the ‘Demonstration City’ for Smart Technologies

Tired of leading from behind, Silicon Valley’s capital plans to leverage its location and public-private partnerships to outcompete its municipal competition.

States, Localities Try Creative Financing to Help the Homeless

Pay-for-success projects, which rely on outside investors—rather than taxpayers—to provide working capital to nonprofit service providers, are trying to tackle thorny social problems.

These Metro Areas Had the Lowest Rental Housing Vacancy Rates at the End of Last Year

Census Bureau data released last Thursday show the proportion of unoccupied rental housing during 2015 in 75 major metro regions in the U.S.

San José’s Innovation Agenda Will Hinge on the Internet of Things

Starfish, a new smart city network, will be demonstrated in the heart of Silicon Valley.