Why Cities Are Concerned About Self-Driving Vehicle Legislation in Congress

Language related to preemption and data-sharing are two areas where cities and advocacy groups would like to see changes.

When Will Self-Driving Electric Cars Make Conventional Cars Worthless?

We're entering a new era where transportation is an on-demand mobility service, not a product. Most owners will become real-time renters.

Self-Driving Vehicle Discussion in Congress Turns Toward Trucks

“I would argue that it makes sense not to have two safety standards out there,” says the top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee. But not everyone is so sure.

Bill Preventing States From Banning Self-Driving Cars Moves Forward

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Removal of Dallas Confederate monument halted last minute; 15 states and D.C. sue to save DACA; energy company wants to drill under Denver school

Southern Nevada Has a Plan to Predict the Likelihood of Traffic Incidents 2 Hours Early

“We’re coming to the point where we’re going to have smart cars on dumb roads,” WayCare's CEO said.

San José Looks to Integrate Autonomous Vehicles Into Its Transportation Strategy

Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement will likely speed up the push to embrace self-driving cars in the sustainability-minded and tech-oriented California city.

New York State Gives Official Green Light for Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Gov. Cuomo: With a “careful yet balanced approach” for introducing driverless vehicles, the state can “reduce dangerous driving habits, decrease the number of accidents and save lives.”

Racing to Be First: How Autonomous Vehicles Will Affect Our Communities

A new National League of Cities report addresses the most pressing questions that local officials might have concerning self-driving vehicles.

When Self-Driving Cars Will Be on the Road, According to the People Making Them

A disparity in responses is exacerbated by varying definitions of “autonomous.”

Auto Industry Is Wary of State and Local Government Automated Vehicle Laws

As more states and localities look to regulate new technology, the “patchwork of state regulations is a concern,” a Volvo vice president tells members of Congress.

Boston Has Plans for Autonomous Vehicle Testing by the End of 2016

That announcement comes as self-driving Uber vehicles hit the streets in Pittsburgh and as Columbus has proposed a network of driverless shuttles.

How Mobility-as-a-Service Will Keep the Next Generation of Workers Within City Limits

A Xerox mobility solutions senior vice president weighs in on the relatively understudied Generation Z, autonomous vehicles and how the two will intersect to fuel future urban economic development.

State IT Accessibility Is Improving, But Here’s How It Can Get Even Better

Procurement reforms, innovation teams and testing policies are a few recommendations from experts at NASCIO’s midyear conference in Baltimore.

USDOT’s ‘Smart City’ Payout Could Be A Mobility Model-Maker

Seventy-seven municipalities pitched their transportation visions for a shot at the $40 million in winnings.

What State and Local Transportation Agencies Can Expect in 2016

Xerox’s parking and mobility vice president Matt Darst weighs in.

Google Stuck Waiting in Line at the DMV; Seeking State Troopers in Washington

Also: West Virginia education officials relent, say they’ll replace Common Core standards, and FBI Director Comey lauds Connecticut anti-crime gang program.

Self-Driving Cars Pose a Big Revenue Problem for Local Governments

States and localities need to partner with automated carmakers—and quickly—to establish an alternative tax system, according to a new Brookings Institution report.