How Exposed Is Your State to Trade Tensions?

More than a dozen states have above-average international trade exposure, per a new Moody’s report.

Warm Weather Prompts Snake Warnings Throughout the U.S.

The uptick in visible slithering reptiles has prompted cities and counties to warn residents that warmer weather and increased rainfall can force snakes out of their holes and into backyards, pools and homes.

South Carolina Officials Predict Litigation Over Big Lottery Error

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nashville mayor’s affair leads to new scrutiny; federal judge’s Yellowstone bison decision; N.Y. state’s 11th-most-polluted waterway; and Colorado’s increase in traffic deaths.

Trump Administration Eyes as ‘Much as Possible’ for Expanded Offshore Drilling

A number of state and local officials are opposing the leasing of previously protected waters.

Rural Access to Obstetric Services Continues to Decline

MAP: As many as 2.4 million women of reproductive age live in counties that completely lack these services.

Charleston County Unexpectedly Sues South Carolina’s Infrastructure Bank

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Tropical storm makes landfall in Florida; paid leave for top Boston City Hall official; and planners envision “something pretty spectacular” in Chico, Calif.

Does Columbia, S.C.’s Rebrand Go Far Enough?

Becoming an inclusive, international city requires more than a title change.

Governors, CEOs and Trump Are All Showing an Interest in Workforce Development

“I don’t care what country you represent, or what industry you represent, workforce is a challenge,” said Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin.

S.C. Struggles With Pension Funding; New Governors Sworn Into Office in Ind., Mo.

Also in our State and Local Digest: A push to raise Mont.’s gas tax; municipal panic buttons expand in Mass.; and a W.Va. city hall is a ‘total loss’ after a fire.

How GIS and Drones Have Aided Hurricane Matthew Recovery Work

In South Carolina, mapping played a critical role in situational awareness and damage assessments before, during and after the extreme weather event.

The Recovery Begins in South Carolina. Again.

The Charleston area is no stranger to flooding.

Weighing a Decision Whether to Stay or Go

As state and local officials urge residents in vulnerable areas to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew, some are deciding to ride it out. And that’s “a headache” for first responders.

Hurricane Matthew to Test Resiliency of Utility and Communications Systems

As utility workers are mobilized to restore service knocked out by the storm, this real-life emergency scenario will test investments in stronger infrastructure and response.

Evacuation Orders, State of Emergency Declarations Made in Advance of Hurricane Matthew

State and local governments are preparing for a powerful tropical system to move up the Southeast coast: “We’re looking at Friday night into Saturday, or Friday afternoon into Saturday, being pretty brutal,” says South Carolina’s governor.

Can Public Art Solve Pressing Urban Issues?

Mayors are using an unusual tool to address issues like environmental stewardship and public safety: public art.

Anti-Zika Mosquito Spraying Kills Millions of Bees in South Carolina County

On the heels of travel-related Zika cases, the county used a spray that’s effective in controlling mosquitos, and highly toxic to bees.

Pricey Phone Calls at S.C. County Jail; Is Expanding the Brooklyn Bridge Worth It?

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Iowa's 'moderate' cybersecurity risk; Vermont's 'geographic disparity'; and 'Clock Kid's' family suing Texas school district

Did Your City’s Mayor Make These ‘Tweet Elite’ Rankings?

Baltimore’s mayor at No. 1 makes sense, but the top tweeters based on audience, frequency, responsiveness, engagement and influence might surprise you.

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Stack Up and Local Agencies Remain at High Risk

Public library systems, water systems, law enforcement and health departments have all been recently targeted by the cyberattack tactic.