How St. Louis Workers Won and Then Lost a Minimum-Wage Hike

After a Missouri law took effect on Monday, the wage floor in the city was reduced to $7.70 per hour after three months at $10 per hour—the latest case of a state cracking down on a city that had enacted a progressive policy.

St. Louis to Remove Its Confederate Monument

The Missouri Civil War Museum agreed to dismantle the memorial by Friday.

After Ferguson, Civic Tech Collaborative Helps Residents Navigate Convoluted Criminal Justice System

In St. Louis County, residents—and black residents in particular—often find themselves drowning in questionable fines and fees. Enter YourSTLCourts.

How a Park Gave Wellston, Mo., a Sense of Place

The National Recreation and Park Association teamed up with St. Louis' regional parks and trails district to create a community center.

How America’s Coastal Cities Left the Heartland Behind

St. Louis and other Midwestern hubs prospered for much of the 20th century. Then lawmakers in Washington quietly changed the rules of the economy.

St. Louis Keeps Running Out of Ballots on Election Day

Are Missouri's counties really ready for a photo voter ID law?

Justice Department Offers Guidance on When Court Fines and Fees Might Violate Constitution

But one reform advocate notes: “Unless the DOJ actually sues some of these places, I don’t think we’re going to see a significant change in the practices on the ground.”

Greater St. Louis Is a Modern-Day Debtors' Prison

Black residents end up behind bars for failing to pay parking tickets, court fees, and other petty municipal citations.

Finances for Kansas City, St. Louis Could Be Hobbled by Legislation in Missouri

A GOP state senator wants to torpedo an important local tax the Show Me State’s two largest cities rely on for revenue.

Fears Rise as a Landfill Fire Nears a Radioactive Waste Site in St. Louis

Locals are understandably on edge with the release of an emergency plan in case of “a catastrophic event."

Foreign Refugees Use City Land to Cultivate Roots in St. Louis

How one community garden in 2008 grew into a collection of urban farms.

Local Government Communications Professionals Should Avoid This PR Fail

WATCH: A St. Louis city official’s spokeswoman aggressively intervenes during an on-the-spot interview.

Cities Re-examine Their Confederate Icons

“It is not only time for a reappraisal of all public symbols that reflect upon the ‘peculiar institution’ of slavery, but also time for removal.”

Which Metro Areas Have Gained the Most Jobs Since the Great Recession?

All of the nation’s biggest metro areas have experienced job growth since the depths of the Great Recession. But while many cities have gained jobs at a brisk pace, others haven't been as lucky.