State and Local Roundup

Missouri Voters Back Medicaid Expansion

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Louisiana reinstates work search requirements for people on unemployment … NYC health commissioner resigns after months of conflict with mayor … Massive power outages on east coast after Tropical Storm Isaias ripped through states.

Iowa Governor Vows To Enforce State In-Person School Requirement

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Idaho is the only state that hasn’t signed up for a pandemic food program … Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan rejects a county’s temporary prohibition on in-person classes for private school … Nevada to send out mail-in ballots to all registered voters.

Dozens of Minneapolis Police Officers on Leave for PTSD

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Members of a Pennsylvania city council could censure colleagues who attended Black Lives Matter protests … People in Louisiana aren’t providing their contacts to contact tracers … To go to Alaska, you must test negative.

Report: In Spring, White House Scrapped Comprehensive, National Covid Testing Plan

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Sleepaway camp in Georgia was the site of a large Covid outbreak … Houston authorities launch public education campaign to prevent coronavirus spread … NYC says people in certain neighborhoods need to reduce electricity use.

Florida Officials Keep Eye on Isaias as Tropical Storm Moves Toward State

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Texas AG offers opinion on health departments’ authority to close schools … ALEC lawmakers say they don’t want more federal Covid aid … D.C. mayor says businesses should call police on maskless people.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Says Many Federal Officers Will Leave Portland

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | A couple states report surprisingly good tax receipts in July … Tennessee governor OKs resumption of high school football … Florida marks 5,000 Burmese pythons removed from Everglades.

Seattle Region Local Governments Will Continue Remote Work Until 2021

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Rental mopeds pulled out of NYC after fatal crashes … Tennessee governor disagrees with White House aide on closing bars … Police in New Jersey break up 700-person house party.

Family Members Raise Concerns as Florida Inmate Deaths Rise

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | "Pooled testing" could speed up results ... Minneapolis council votes to get rid of police PIO ... Los Angeles County sheriff slammed for sexist statement.

Hurricane Hanna Leaves Behind Flooding and Damage in Area of Texas Already Hard Hit by Covid

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Black Lives Matter activists complain of hijacking of movement in Portland … Chicago quietly takes down Columbus statue … Florida mayors suggest some may want to wear masks at home.

A Million Families in North Carolina Could Be Behind on Utility Payments

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Georgia governor and Atlanta mayor talk settlement on governor’s lawsuit over city mask mandate … Ohio governor issues travel advisory for nine states … Pennsylvania governor criticizes mocking of his health director.

California Child Care Providers Struggling, With Some on the Financial Brink

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Missouri AG intervenes in local gun case … New York Assembly passes bill to protect undocumented immigrants … Shooting in Chicago leaves 15 wounded.

Ohio House Speaker Accused by Feds in $60 Million Bribery Scheme

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | New York transit warns of $16 billion shortfall … After months of debate, Minnesota legislature passes sweeping criminal justice bill … Florida governor gets the Lincoln Project treatment.

Florida's Largest Teacher Union Files a Lawsuit Challenging School Reopening Order

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Nursing home trade group calls current rise in cases "a category five-level emergency" ... California AG to investigate evidence destruction in police shooting case ... Atlanta mayor says governor trying to stop her from talking to the media.

Oregon AG Files Lawsuit Challenging Federal Detention of Portland Protesters

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Illinois House speaker linked to federal investigation … Nevada legislature looks for budget cuts … Maine lobstermen say PPP not effective help.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Sues Atlanta Mayor Over Mask Mandate

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt becomes first governor to test positive … People pack into Utah meeting to complain about school mask requirements … Supreme Court will allow Florida to bar ex-felons from voting if fines remain unpaid.

New Jersey Lawmakers Consider Allowing Governor to Borrow $10 Billion to Help Fill Virus-Driven Budget Gaps

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Michigan official asks judge to review detention of 15-year-old girl for failing to complete schoolwork … Democrats slam Maryland election plan … Colorado governor defends calling those who won’t wear masks “selfish bastards.”

Trump Administration Rescinds Rule Banning International Students from Country if Only Taking Online Classes

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Hawaii extends travel quarantine mandate, but relaxes it for college students ... Massachusetts sues ride-hailing companies ... New York governor releases memorable Covid poster.

Millions Could Be Evicted As Moratoriums End, Experts Say

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Portland, Oregon officials decry federal law enforcement response to protest … Connecticut mayor sues airline over bite by purported emotional support dog … Hawaii could delay tourism opening.

Ohio County Sets Up Mask Violation Hotline

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Florida coronavirus cases top one-day high for a single state … Seattle City Council majority pledges to support 50% cut to police department … South Carolina county could report 4,000 missing school Chromebooks to police.

One in Six Mississippi Lawmakers Tests Positive for Coronavirus

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Supreme Court rules that much of eastern Oklahoma is an Indian reservation ... Houston GOP convention canceled by mayor … Maryland to hold “normal” election in November.