State and Local Roundup

Utah Saving Money By Sending State Employees to Mexico for Prescriptions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Alaska may get a state lottery … Utah lawmaker wants warning labels for porn … Tennessee lawmakers consider making tampons tax-free for a weekend.

Iowa Legislation Would Create Registry for Crimes Committed by ‘Nonresident Aliens’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A county in Kansas is sending people to jail for medical debt … Massachusetts attorney general sues vaping company … Bill to end surprise medical billing in Georgia.

Democratic Attorneys General Urge Congress to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia legislature abolishes Confederate holiday … New York state senators call for increased funding to municipalities … Denver repeals ban on pit bulls.

New York City Reckless Drivers Could Face Mandatory Safe Driving Class

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Wisconsin working on tax breaks for struggling dairy farmers … Maryland comptroller bans disposable, flavored e-cigarettes ... Washington county sued over deportation flights.

Trump Says No Nuclear Waste Will Be Stored in Yucca Mountain

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Los Angeles council passes stronger protections against hate crimes … Court could rule against Georgia governor in voter purge case … New Mexico considers a bill to protect wildlife.

Virginia Lawmakers Pass LGBTQ Protections, a First for Southern States

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Idaho bill would remove governor’s power to select replacements for lawmakers … Florida mayors ask for universal background checks … Montana lawmaker who called for socialists to be shot refuses to resign.

New York Residents Get Banned From Global Entry Over State Immigration Law

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida Senate passes parental approval requirement for abortions … Utah may eliminate grades for school ratings … West Virginia will debut smartphone voting.

Washington State May Ban Firearms from the State Capitol

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kentucky legislature may ban sanctuary cities … City in Arizona may be billed by state for higher minimum wage … West Virginia considers grease pit legislation.

After Iowa Voting App Struggles, Experts Warn of Dangers with New Election Tech

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Philadelphia ponders council term limits … Utah may make daylight saving time permanent … Florida considers using drones to combat pythons.

D.C. Will Get First Statehood Vote in Over Two Decades

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Catholic priest condemns Rhode Island lawmakers over abortion vote … New York prepares for coronavirus … Arizona considers mental health legislation.

Tennessee Legislature May Undo Governor’s Decision to Accept Refugees

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Colorado rolls out environmental pilot for marijuana and beer industries … Legislation in Maine would ease restrictions on lobster truckers … New York City may ban pesticides in parks.

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Washington State May Give Seattle More Taxing Power

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia appeals abortion restrictions … Trump administration unveils Medicaid “block grant” plan … California bill would require truthful advertisement of rehab centers.

One State Considers a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Debate over transgender flag in Iowa … Veterans courts in Utah … Plan to ban GPS taxes in Washington.

Arizona May Ban Transgender Girls from Women’s Sports

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | States sue the EPA over air quality … Wisconsin governor wants independent redistricting … Mississippi will close part of notorious prison.

Closure of the Seattle National Archives Faces Local Pushback

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Debate over LGBTQ earmarks in Chicago … A universal basic income pilot proposed in Washington … Texas receives federal funding for women’s health.

New York City Council Votes to Require Businesses to Accept Cash

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois will give students time off to vote … Virginia Senate passes red flag law … Wisconsin governor calls for special session.

Ohio Bill Would Ban Telehealth Abortions

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Ohio legislators want to curtail eminent domain claims … Massachusetts commits to net-zero emissions by 2050 … Michigan will allow the sale of Teslas in the state.

Seattle to Test Mobile Voting on Smartphones

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Georgia governor announced anti-trafficking measures … Idaho may legalize hemp growing … Los Angeles City Council gets involved in MLB sign stealing scandal.

A Proposal to Limit the Number of Bills State Senators Can Introduce

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Colorado may make HIV medication easier to access … Oklahoma lawmakers want ‘MAGA’ license plates … Virginia Senate passes three gun laws.

Thousands Rally for Gun Rights at Virginia Protest

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida Supreme Court rules on voting fines … Taxpayer bill of rights proposed in New Mexico … South Dakota may criminalize providing transgender healthcare to minors.