Two City Leaders Reflect on Hurricane Response and Recovery

“You can complain about government 364 days of the year,” according to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said. “But on that one day that you need us to be at our best, we better be at our best.”

Disaster Risk and Economic Growth Create Uncomfortable Questions for Civic Boosters

ANALYSIS: Suitors seeking Amazon’s 2nd headquarters should ask themselves: How resilient is their city or region?

As Hurricane Irma Heads North, Officials Urge Floridians to Stay Put

Storm surge swamps low-lying areas as high winds cut power to millions and damage buildings across the Sunshine State.

Tampa Mayor: Florida Preemption an ‘Assault on Local Governance’ Like Never Before

“They’re trying to throttle the goose that’s laying the golden egg,” said Bob Buckhorn, who fears conservative legislation is deterring potential residents from thriving cities.

How Cross-Sector Partnerships Are Fueling Innovation in Tampa

“Not every city thinks this way. Not every city works this way.”

Tropical Storm to Bring Heavy Rain to Florida; Will Baltimore’s Drug Problems Alter Local Aquatic Life?

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Groundwork for a Connected Vehicle Pilot Program in Tampa Forges Ahead

“This is the next paradigm shift in transportation,” says one official helping to lead up the program.

Wal-Mart Keeps Tampa Police Really Busy; Did Maine’s Governor Kill a Reality TV Show?

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On Medicaid Expansion, a Question of Math and Politics

President Barack Obama has vowed to redouble his administration’s efforts to persuade all states to expand Medicaid. But if history is any indication, achieving that goal will take some time.