Public Spaces and Local Democracy

COMMENTARY | The ongoing political battle over Civil War monuments—and the public spaces they reside in—reflects a disconnect over civic expression and our public spaces.

Nashville’s Embattled Mayor: ‘Failure May Be Instructive’ But It’s Also ‘Humbling and Humiliating’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Creator of Showtime TV series responds to Boston city councilor’s criticism; 4-day school weeks in Oklahoma; Georgia planning truck-only highway; and Canada’s prime minister goes hiking with L.A.’s mayor.

Some Hospitals in Appalachia See Surges of Opioid Babies

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Maine Gov. LePage plans major shift in oversight for county jails; Philly will soon say goodbye to a transit relic; New Mexico’s challenging job-skills gap; and a Silicon Valley mayor is criticized for his housing comments.

This Winter, Chattanooga Homeless Veterans Feeling HUD’s Summer Funding Cuts

Veterans homelessness was effectively ended in Tennessee’s fourth most-populous city. But some vets are now back out on the streets.

Memphis's Novel Strategy for Tearing Down Confederate Statues

In a surprise move Wednesday evening, the city sold two parks to a nonprofit corporation that promptly tore down monuments to Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis.

Governors Back Bipartisan Senate Plan to Stabilize Health Markets

Three Republicans and two Democrats teamed up to urge the Senate to act quickly.

Nashville Mayor Opens Up About the Tragedy of Losing Her Son

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | West Virginia’s new effort to reduce fire fatalities; women are underrepresented in Utah city halls; and despite an economic development disaster, S.C. county isn’t “going to curl up and die.”

New Mapping Tool Helps Chattanoogans Explore Their City’s Data

"Open data has a tremendous ability to break down barriers and empower communities,” according to Mayor Andy Berke.

Trump’s Plan to Zero Out Funding for Agency Aiding Appalachia Isn’t Playing Well in Congress

“If the president were to say let’s quadruple funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission, I’d vote for it,” said U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat.

A New Way of Procuring Radios? Roger That.

In a guest article, the executive director of the National Association of State Procurement Officials shares how one state’s contracting improvements brought significant savings that materialized in multiple ways.

Program in Tennessee County Aims to Divert Single Moms From Jail

A $50,000 MacArthur Foundation grant will help Campbell County develop a gender-responsive risk and needs assessment for women at high risk of incarceration.

Wildfire Wreaks Havoc in Tennessee: 'People Were Basically Running for Their Lives'

Authorities confirmed three deaths and said flames forced over 14,000 people to flee from Gatlinburg.

N.J. State Takeover of Atlantic City; Wildfires in Southeast States Cause Hazy Conditions

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: EPA Consent Agreement With City in Texas Florida; Keys Mosquito study divides voters; Baltimore’s progressive city council.

Memphis Is Doing Greenspace Right Again

Shelby Farms Park and the Shelby Farms Greenline demonstrate a civic interest in landscape design not seen in years.

A New Coalition to Lower State and Local Incarceration Rates

Launched by the White House, the Data-Driven Justice Initiative wants to lower prison inmate numbers and increase the number of prisoners receiving health care and mental health services with proven methods.

‘Resilient Cities’ Look to Address Social Inequality as a Function of Other Environmental, Economic Stresses

Louisville, Kentucky, sees a link between its most pressing problems and poorest neighborhoods, and it’s not alone.

A ‘Holistic Approach’ to State Fraud Prevention

Predictive analytics, behavioral economics and collective intelligence are key, per a new report.

Tennessee’s Procurement for Marketing and Advertising Sets a New Standard

Tennessee’s four-tiered procurement method helped bring in an estimated $1 billion in increased tourism spending and could be used by any state willing to step away from traditional Request for Proposal models.