Tourism Budget Cuts Are a Losing Proposition for States—Especially in 2017

The president of the U.S. Travel Association outlines the case for what state lawmakers are missing about tourism dollars, and why “travel promotion is one of the best returns on public investment.”

So, Eclipse Boomtowns, How’d It Go?

“I think I can speak for the rest of the city staff in that we wish there were a way we could host one of these once a year.”

Orlando Wants to Turn Its Entire City Into a Theme Park for Self-Driving Cars

Tourists and the defense and tech industries will be offered a chance to test the vehicles.

Florida’s Pricey Pitbull Tourism Promotion; La. Gov.’s LGBT Protections Order Blocked

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Kauai repeals GMO disclosure bill; drought persists in Southern California; and Ohio’s proposed medical marijuana rules.

Feds Press Albany Over ‘I Love N.Y.’ Highway Signs

The Empire State doubled down on the tourism campaign local officials find obnoxious and unsafe last summer, even with the Federal Highway Administration threatening $1.7 billion in funding.

Calls to Ax Michigan’s Promotional Campaign; Agency Rejects Trump-Related Underwear Ad

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Suspicious energy tax credits in Oregon; taxpayer cash pays for beads and drill batteries in Maine campaigns; Pennsylvania vaping ban.

Sluggish Chinese Economy, Brexit Bite Tourism States

Taxing tourists is a time-honored revenue-raiser for states, but international events may keep many foreigners—and their money —away during the next few years.

The Real Reason for Maryland's Delayed School Year: Tourism

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan mandated a later start date for students in an effort to rake in more money from the tourism industry.

Route Fifty Roadmap: An Iconic Piece of Infrastructure for the Zenith City

The 111-year-old Aerial Lift Bridge is a reminder of Duluth’s industrial past and a landmark that’s at the center of the city’s tourism efforts.