U.S. Census

It’s Not Just the Citizenship Question—the Digital Divide Could Hurt the Count of Latinos by the Census

Fear of government, a question about citizenship, and uncertain internet connections have created the perfect storm for an undercount of the Latino population, a new report argues.

Figuring Out Exactly Where Hard-to-Count People Live

In New York, California and other states, officials are focused on how to ensure the U.S. Census counts everybody. That means investing money and conducting research to identify where to spend it.

What the Supreme Court Said About the 2020 Census Citizenship Question

In oral arguments, conservative justices asked about data science, while liberals asked what the citizenship question was really for.

How Immigrants Minimized Population Loss in a Fifth of US Counties

An influx of immigrants prevented or significantly softened population loss last year in more than 1 in 5 U.S. counties. Immigration either prevented population decline or cut it by at least 10% in those areas.

The Exhausting Ordeal of the Census Bureau’s Top Scientist

Litigation over adding a citizenship question gave voice to data expert John Abowd. The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday about whether to include the question on the 2020 census.

A Supreme Court Case That Will Affect Every Aspect of National Life

COMMENTARY | Can the federal census form ask whether each member of a household is a U.S. citizen?

Southern, Western Counties Growing Fastest, Census Says

Four of the top 10 fastest-growing counties are in Texas, according to new population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Some Muslim Immigrants Distrust Census in Trump Era

Arabic-speaking immigrants are wary of answering questions from government employees, including census workers, focus groups have found.

Census Officials Say They’re Ready, With or Without Citizenship Question

A year out, preparations are on track to allow responses online, by phone or on paper.

The Census Kicks Off in Exactly One Year: How to Ensure an Accurate Count

COMMENTARY | Local and state governments should take steps now so that next year's count reflects everybody in a region.

The Persistent Employment Gap Among Disabled Americans

Employment levels for Americans with disabilities lag behind those of people without disabilities, research shows.

How the Census Will Reach Urban Millennials

Mailing a paper form and then following up with a house visit just won't work for everybody. State and local governments are trying to help figure out how to reach people in danger of being undercounted.

Census Prep Vital to States’ Power—Why Some Could Miss Out

Less than a 2 percent difference in the population count could mean gaining or losing a congressional seat.

A Key in Census Outreach: Finding Trusted People to Pitch Participation

“We are making some progress, as you well know, but certainly not progress enough,” said Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Federal Judge Rules Against Trump Administration's Citizenship Question on Census

State and local governments are among the groups that have objected to the Census asking about citizenship status.

Detroit Gears Up for Decennial Effort to Avoid Census Undercounting

In a city with a long history of population losses, Mayor Mike Duggan announces the city’s point person to lead community outreach to promote the 2020 count.

Counting Prison Inmates Differently Could Shift Political Power to Cities

Most states count prisoners as residents of the places where they are incarcerated. But some are shifting to counting them as parts of their home communities.

GOP AGs Weigh in Against States in Census Case Before Supreme Court

It’s one of several legal battles over the Trump administration’s controversial decision to ask about citizenship on the 2020 census.

Nine States Lost Population Last Year

That's the largest number of states to lose residents in more than 30 years.

Checking In on a Census ‘Homework Assignment’ for Cities and Counties

These localities have already launched their Complete Count Committees and taken other proactive steps to avoid undercounting. Has yours?