Vermont Will Pay You $10,000 to Move There and Work Remotely

A rapidly shrinking tax base has prompted some creative solutions from state officials.

Federal Ban on Methadone Vans Seen as Barrier to Treatment

"If we’re going to be effective, we need to be nimble and bring the medication to them instead of asking everybody to trudge across town to get their daily dose at a fixed facility,” according to Brad Finegood, a behavioral health official in King County, Washington.

Moody's Highlights States Most Vulnerable to NAFTA Exit

Talks are ongoing between the U.S., Canada and Mexico over the future of the trade deal, which President Trump has criticized.

Municipal Leaders Gather for Resilient Cities Summit

Climate change presents complex and interwoven policy challenges for local governments, all of which will be front and center during discussions in Vermont.

Health Care Experiment Aims for Healthier Patients, Lower Costs

Should insurers pay doctors and hospitals based on what they do or how well they do it?

Vermont City Wants to Be an Opioid 'Role Model'; Iowa Mayor's Solution for Local Minimum Wage Hikes

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Colorado's marijuana "gray market" dangerous?; Trump supporters harass Seattle council member; Florida panther's river crossing a good sign.

Is This Vermont City's Refugee Resettlement Plan Sustainable?

Part 2: Resettling 100 refugees could be complicated if there isn't adequate affordable housing or employment. “There are so many unanswered questions,” according to Alderwoman Sharon Davis.

How a Refugee Resettlement Plan Stirred Controversy in Vermont

Part 1: One mayor sees economic promise in opening his city’s doors to displaced Syrians and other refugees. But some critics see peril. “Rutland really is a microcosm for the rest of the nation in the summer of 2016,” according to Mayor Chris Louras.

Secessionists in the States Dream of Declaring Independence

From Alaska to Vermont to Texas to California, separatist movements across the country are having a moment in the midst of the 2016 presidential election.

Vermont Passes Legislation Authorizing Dental Therapists

Midlevel providers will help dentists deliver care to more underserved residents statewide.

Vermont Governor’s Wife Depicts Reporters as Feral Cows; Another Controversial North Carolina Bill

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Pennsylvania closes in on liquor system overhaul; Alaskans might not get as much money from the state government this year; and Colin forces St. Petersburg sewage dumping.

Vermont’s $20,000 Price for Releasing Emails; Hockey Team’s Move Burns County Taxpayers

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Two tough options for NYC subway closure; Seattle’s female council members face misogynistic attacks on arena vote; and Idaho’s public land sales.

Automatic Voter Registration Comes to Vermont

The Green Mountain State could expand its electorate by thousands under a new law signed Thursday.

State DOTs Are Turning to Drones for Bridge Inspections and Other Work

The agencies see unmanned aircraft as a way to save money and curb risks, according to new information from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Vermont Governor: To Combat Opioid Crisis, the Way Pain Pills Are Prescribed Must Change

“It isn’t the drug dealers from South America that are our biggest challenge, it’s our federally-approved drugs that we’re passing out like candy,” according to Gov. Peter Shumlin.

Vermont Wants Federal OK for Its ‘All Payer’ Health Care Proposal

The state hopes its plan will help eliminate inefficiencies that stem from the different rules, standards and payment methods now found across those three types of “payers.”

Vermont State Workers Duped in Tax-Season Phishing Scam

This attack may have “looked more professional” than others, but there was a big red flag, too.

States Let Commercial Walk-in Health Clinics Grow Unregulated

Commercial walk-in clinics now provide basic health care for millions of Americans, and states have let them grow largely unregulated.

Are GMO Labels Coming to Vermont?

The processed-food industry has been fighting hard to stop a law before it takes effect in the Green Mountain State.