The States Where People Die Young

A new study explores where and why Americans are dying early.

Why America's Teachers Haven't Been Getting Raises

It's not just educators in West Virginia and Oklahoma who have watched their wages and benefits erode since the Great Recession.

The Ripple Effect of the West Virginia Teachers' Victory

The success of the statewide strike has intensified education unrest nationally—and could have lasting implications for the country’s schools.

West Virginia's Teachers End Their Strike—But They're Still Unhappy

The governor has offered a pay raise but leaves many of the fundamental issues unaddressed.

Meet West Virginia’s New Drug Czar: Dr. Michael Brumage

“The main thing I want to bring with me to the table is an all-hands approach,” Brumage told Route Fifty. “This is not just about law enforcement and it’s not just about public health.”

Up to $20 Million in Grants Available for Coal Communities in Appalachia

It's the latest round of grants under the POWER initiative, which targets places where the coal sector has declined.

Overburdened Mental Health Providers Slow Police Push for Drug Treatment

With many people outside of the criminal justice system on waiting lists for treatment, some mental health providers are unable to make room for drug users who have been referred to treatment as a way of avoiding arrest.

A Horrifying Statistic That Conveys the Sheer Scale of the Opioid Crisis

In West Virginia, officials had to spend nearly $1 million on the transportation of corpses this fiscal year alone.

New Numbers Reveal Huge Disparities in Opioid Prescribing

A town in southwest Virginia has the highest per capita opioid prescribing level in the country. New state prescribing rules could help change that.

W.Va. Governor: Appalachian Coal Subsidies Are Matter of National Security

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | San Francisco’s needed seawall replacement; North Carolina’s dismal health rankings; and Florida’s high-speed rail line opening delayed.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Is Switching Parties. Again.

“Today,” the governor told a crowd gathered for a Trump rally, “I will tell you as West Virginians that I can’t help you anymore being a Democrat governor.”

Trump’s Plan to Zero Out Funding for Agency Aiding Appalachia Isn’t Playing Well in Congress

“If the president were to say let’s quadruple funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission, I’d vote for it,” said U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat.

Despite Secession Talk, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Recent secession efforts range from large, ongoing campaigns in Texas and California to smaller pushes in Oklahoma, Maine, Utah, West Virginia and New York.

50% of U.S. Coal Jobs Are in These 25 Counties

On average, coal miners represent 52 of every 1,000 people in the counties where 50 percent of the workforce is found

A Long Struggle to Upgrade Public Water Systems in West Virginia’s Coalfields

The McDowell County Public Service District has worked for 27 years to improve and maintain infrastructure that provides drinking water to people in remote corners of the state.

Budget Chief Describes How He Urged Trump to Ax Agency Offering Assistance to Appalachia

“I was able to convince him, ‘Mr. President, this is not an efficient use of the taxpayer dollars,’” Mick Mulvaney said of the Appalachian Regional Commission.

Stripping Miners of Safety Protections

A West Virginia proposal to help the coal industry by paring back safety regulations may actually protect neither miners or their jobs.

Will Trump’s Budget Call for Axing an Agency That Works to Assist Appalachia?

Such a plan would align with previous proposals from GOP lawmakers and the Heritage Foundation.