Women's Rights

Why Men Vote for Republicans, and Women Vote for Democrats

COMMENTARY | The gender gap is larger than ever.

States Move to Protect Anesthetized Women from Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams

The controversial practice is condemned by major medical organizations, but still legal in most states.

In Two States, Debates Over the Ethics of Paid Surrogacy

Lawmakers in New York, one of only three states where paid surrogacy is illegal, are trying to repeal their ban. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, legislators say surrogacy has led to the commercialization of children and want to prohibit it.

Equal Rights Amendment Clears First Step in Virginia, as Trump Administration Declares Effort Dead

A Justice Department opinion issued this week says the deadline for ratification has passed. Advocates say otherwise.

Five States Passed ‘Abortion Reversal’ Laws in 2019. New Research Found the Practice Can be Dangerous

A randomized study testing the safety of ‘abortion reversal’ had to be halted when doctors decided it became too dangerous for the participants.

A New Bill In Pennsylvania Would Require Burial of ‘Fetal Remains’

The bill mirrors several others that have appeared in state legislatures across the country.

Supreme Court Allows Kentucky Abortion Ultrasound Requirement to Stand

The law requires women who seek abortions to view a narrated ultrasound before the procedure, even if they don’t want one.

Many States Prosecute Pregnant Women for Drug Use. New Research Says That’s a Bad Idea.

As the opioid epidemic surges, states have been cracking down on pregnant addicted women.

After Rapper's 'Hymen Check' Comments, New York Lawmakers Want to Outlaw Virginity Testing

New York state legislators have filed two bills to ban the practice of virginity testing, which seeks to confirm the presence of a girl or woman's hymen as evidence that she is not sexually active.

In Most States, Child Marriage is Legal. Some Legislators Are Trying to Change That

Several state legislatures have pending bills that would set a mandatory minimum age of 18 for anyone to get married.

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