The Fight Continues Over Paying Enhanced Jobless Benefits Beyond July

Senate Democrats introduced legislation that would extend the $600-per-week unemployment supplement, but Republicans say the size of the extra payment discourages people from returning to work.

Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus

Public health agencies at every level of government received budget cut after cut over recent decades. Now, facing a global pandemic, they are getting cut again.

Court Strikes Down Restrictions on Pandemic Aid for Small Business Owners with Criminal Records

The Small Business Administration has changed the rules following a lawsuit from small business owners with criminal records.

How North Carolina Transformed Itself Into the Worst State to Be Unemployed

Across the country, unemployment systems are collapsing under an unprecedented number of claims. But some state systems, like North Carolina’s, have long made it harder to receive unemployment benefits.

Workers Filed More Than 4,100 Complaints About Protective Gear. Some Still Died.

Since March, thousands of COVID-related complaints regarding health care facilities have poured into the nation’s network of federal and state OSHA offices.

Conservation Could Create Jobs After the Pandemic

COMMENTARY | When it comes to public lands, conservation and developing parks can create more jobs than oil and gas development.

The Death of the Open-Plan Office? Not Quite, But a Revolution Is In the Air

COMMENTARY | The open-plan office will have to evolve in the coronavirus era.

Power to Rework Criticized Police Contracts Lies With Elected Leaders

In the wake of protests over police brutality, new attention is being focused on police unions and their contracts, known to stymie reforms. Will mayors and city council members force changes?

Unemployment Claims Again Top 1 Million

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Atlanta police call out sick in “a higher than usual number” … Alabama to appeal judge’s ruling on curbside and absentee voting … Washington state employee furloughs start this summer.

Black Americans, Crucial Workers in Crises, Emerge Worse Off—Not Better

COMMENTARY | Government responses to economic crises have historically set Black Americans back relative to whites.

Virus is Squeezing State and Local Public Workers’ Personal Finances, Survey Finds

Employees are also worried about the amount of debt they are carrying, while some said they will save less for retirement.

Kansas City Government Employees: 'Please Don’t Rush to Reopen'

COMMENTARY | What are public sector employee concerns about the return to work? Kansas City has a better idea than many other local governments based on multiple employee surveys.

Gay and Transgender Workers Protected By Federal Employment Law, Supreme Court Rules

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Louisiana governor vetoes “critical infrastructure” trespassing bill … Cuomo warns maskless New Yorkers that more lockdown could be coming … Rhode Island AG wants to handle more police misconduct cases.

Public Health Officials Face Wave Of Threats, Pressure Amid Coronavirus Response

A review found that at least 27 state and local health leaders have resigned, retired or been fired since April across 13 states.

A Governor Proposes Furlough Days, Some Layoffs to Help Balance Budget

Nevada is looking for ways to bridge a massive revenue shortfall brought on by the coronavirus.

Municipal Workers in One City Unite to Call for Higher Taxes Instead of Layoffs

The effort in Philadelphia involves both union and non-union employees and comes as city elected leaders are trying to solve a budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

State Bill Would Grant Meatpacking Plants and Health Providers Immunity from Coronavirus Lawsuits

Legislation approved by the Iowa House would shield businesses and health-care facilities from most coronavirus-related lawsuits.

State and Local Public Workforce Hit With Thousands More Job Losses

The downbeat figures came as the unemployment rate overall showed signs of improvement in May after skyrocketing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus-Related Debt Will Live in Digital Profiles for Years—Hurting Americans’ Ability to Get Jobs, Apartments and Credit

COMMENTARY | The effects of evictions and increased debts can last a long time. Companies capture this information in people’s credit scores and digital profiles.