A Bipartisan Legislative Initiative to Address a Bleak State Budget Situation

COMMENTARY | Any fiscal expert looking at New Jersey’s budget situation would quickly come to the conclusion that the underfunded pension system is the place to start, the state’s former comptroller and budget director says.

Three Reasons Your Career Has Stalled

Think about the "pandas," the problems that seem small or inconsequential, but can impede career progress.

The Future of Work Requires We Rethink Public Policy

COMMENTARY | Washington has not adequately modernized federal laws; that leaves state and local leaders, who are uniquely positioned to help bridge the gap between public policy and sustainable work for families.

The Stunningly Positive Impact of Asking Your Co-Workers: “How Are You?”

American workers are happiest on the job when colleagues check in with them, a survey found.

Supreme Court Makes Decision in Age-Discrimination Case

All state and local governments, even very small ones, are subject to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

The U.S. Now Has More Than 56.7 Million Freelance Workers—and They Vote

Health care is just one public policy issue freelancers say is important to them.

Finding Jobs for the Hard-to-Employ

In Minnesota, a training and hiring program is working on getting people into employment, including for the Hennepin County government.

The Best Metro Areas for Commuting by Car

New research from the University of Minnesota ranks major metro areas on job accessibility by car and the effects of congestion.

How One State Decided to Scrap Licenses For Horse Massage Therapists

More and more states are loosening up job licensing requirements, as both free-market advocates and liberal groups argue to legislators that they are barriers to work.

A Growing Gap Between Healthier and Worse Off Pension Plans

New research offers a dim assessment of some of the most poorly funded state and local public retirement systems.

Report: State CISOs Need to Throw Their Weight Around

Budgets are tight and talent is scarce, but the cyber leaders can change that with their increasing sway within governments.

Where Job Prospects Improve for Those With a College Degree

There are more college-educated Americans than jobs requiring that level of education, according to the Urban Institute.

Outgoing Colorado and Ohio Governors Riff on Economic and Education Policy

Govs. John Hickenlooper and John Kasich appeared together at an event focused on “forgotten Americans.”

Bill Would Rework Limits on Social Security for Some Public Workers

It’s the latest effort by lawmakers to overhaul the “Windfall Elimination Provision," which affects benefits for thousands of state and local government employees around the U.S.

The Places Where the Middle Class Lives

New analysis from the Brookings Institution indicates that smaller metro areas have larger middle-class populations.

Cities and States Experiment With New Ways to Attract and Keep Talent

A new report looks at how states and localities are harnessing their “brands” and reworking benefits to bolster their workforces.

California Governor Signs Bill Requiring Corporate Boards to Include Women

Although Jerry Brown recognizes the legal concerns that have been raised about S.B. 826, “it’s high time corporate boards include the people who constitute more than half the persons in America.”