How Incomes Compared Last Year Across States and Metro Areas

New data from the Census Bureau show how median household income levels stacked up around the U.S. in 2017.

Engaging Teens With More Than Just a Summer Job

The Summer Youth Enrichment Program in Prince George's County, Maryland, aims to help teenagers long-term.

Despite Economy, Working Families Struggle to Make Ends Meet

A recent report from the Urban Institute examined families' ability to pay for basic needs.

National League of Cities Launches Data Education Partnership

The organization will partner with a nonprofit to offer seminars on data skills and evidence best practices.

Skepticism After Texas Governor’s Surprising Six-Figure Salary Remarks

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | San Francisco mayor’s surprise inspections … Oklahoma’s emergency certifications … and St. Paul vs. emerald ash borers.

Feds Say Marketplace Will Expose Bad Colleges, But States Find It’s Not So Easy

Many states have come up with tools to help college students find out information about future earnings and debt, but they often rely on partial data that can limit their usefulness.

There’s a Shortage of Welders. Will More Women Fill the Gap?

Past efforts to attract women to welding have had underwhelming results. New programs aim to change that.

A Woman’s Paycheck Is Influenced by Her Hometown

In a new study, economists find women from places where sexist attitudes prevail end up earning less later in life even after they move to another place.

Low Pay Has Teachers Flocking to the Sharing Economy

One in 10 Airbnb hosts in the U.S. is a teacher, a new report shows.

Could California Set Quotas For Women On Corporate Boards?

Legislation under consideration in California would require publicly traded companies based in the state to put women on their boards.

Your Fancy New Analytics Platform Doesn't Matter If No One Uses It

COMMENTARY | Tools should empower employees, not send them running back to spreadsheets.

The States Where Salaries Stretch Farthest

The purchasing power of your salary depends largely on where you live, according to new research from the Tax Foundation.

Despite Drop in Black Unemployment, Significant Disparities Remain

Fourteen states had black unemployment rates above 6 percent at a time when the national unemployment rate was 4 percent in June, according to a new Economic Policy Institute report.

Governments Need to Re-tool the IT Workforce (Again)

Leaders should encourage change agents, and those government workers will need to develop and maintain certain skills and capabilities.

Recruiting Young People to Local Government

Two start-ups aim to establish a "pipeline" between recent college graduates and state and local government jobs.

Credit Ratings Agency Offers Dim Outlook for Rural America

Population declines, an aging workforce and sluggish job growth pose challenges.

Labor Shortages Necessitate Local Investment in Immigrant Workers

Typically paid less and working worse hours, the foreign born struggle to “upskill” themselves.