After Virginia Beach Mass Shooting, Report Calls for Improved Security and Other Changes

The independent report made 58 recommendations, ranging from significant changes to the city’s management of human resources to increased workplace violence prevention training.

Boomer and Millennial Public Workers Agree Pensions are a Plus

No matter their age, most state and local government employees in a recent survey said retirement benefits are a big factor in why they stay at their jobs.

The New First Responder Crisis: Not Enough Dispatchers

COMMENTARY | What can governments do to recruit and keep the “first” first responders?

With Obama-era Plan Scrapped, States Act to Expand Overtime Pay

Michigan’s governor is the latest to call for overtime rules that go beyond those at the federal level. Business groups are opposed.

Union Agrees to $3.2 Million Settlement in Dispute Over Fees

The pending settlement comes in a legal dispute between home care workers and a public sector labor union in Washington state.

The Wildly Appealing, Totally Doomed Future of Work

WeWork was supposed to reinvent office life. Unfortunately, it did.

How to Step In to Lead a New Group

Try this process to grow trust and gain performance.

How Government Agencies Are Using Dashboards to Interpret Data and Improve Efficiency

COMMENTARY | Eight tips from city and county agencies using dashboards to analyze data.

Eight Ideas to Help You Regain Control at Work

It’s great to be busy, but excessive busyness comes from a flawed approach to your situation.

Free Preschool, Longer School Days and Affordable Day Care Help Keep Moms in the Paid Workforce

COMMENTARY | Mothers are more likely to be full-time employees in states where child care is more affordable. In states with more expensive child care, more mothers worked part-time.

‘It's All Up in The Air’: California’s Gig Worker Bill Promises Big Shifts for Truckers

What the bill will mean for Uber and Lyft has drawn attention. But the trucking industry is bracing for changes as well.

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Union Organizing Emails May Be Subject to Disclosure After State High Court Ruling

A group often at odds with government labor unions says the case sets an important precedent for when correspondence about union activities is public record.

State Legislation Setting Strict ‘Gig’ Worker Rules Nears Passage

The requirements in the California bill are drawing the ire of tech companies like Uber and Lyft.

Worker-Protection Laws Aren’t Ready for an Automated Future

COMMENTARY | Most of those laws are decades old and are rarely updated.

Pay May Be Lower in Smaller Cities, But it Can Stretch Further

New analysis highlights salary advantages in small and mid-sized metro areas.

Your Brain Doesn't Recharge If You Use Your Phone on Break

Participants in a study who used their phone during breaks experienced the highest levels of mental depletion.

Appeals Court Sides with Texas in Criminal Background Check Case

Texas, which does not allow felons to be hired for certain state jobs, had sued the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over guidance that advised employers to curtail use of criminal background checks.

It Matters Who Sits on Pension Boards and How Big They Are, Study Suggests

Researchers found investment returns are likely affected by the size of the boards, the expertise of members and other factors.