Dozens More Counties Join Opioid Lawsuits

The new lawsuits aim to “recover millions of dollars lost due to opiate addiction and drug overdoses that have taken so many lives in this country and greatly affected the lives of many.”

In Omnibus Bill, Congress Delivers $600M for Rural Broadband

The news may come late to dial-up country, but it will be something to celebrate.

Why ‘Cloud Seeding’ Is Increasingly Attractive to the Thirsty West

A National Science Foundation-funded study, conducted in Idaho, was the first to show real-world observations of silver iodide forming ice crystals inside clouds and falling out as precipitation.

Tax Bill Would Scrap a Billion From Western States

Western states rich in coal, oil and natural gas—among them Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana—already rely heavily on those industries and have had their budgets hit hard in recent years by falling energy prices.

Using GIS Mapping for On-the-Ground Situational Awareness During the Eclipse

A massive influx of visitors to places along the “path of totality” is a public safety challenge and operational challenge.

Trump’s Federal Land-Use Regulatory Battle Targets Obama’s Sage Grouse Rules

“They might as well form a shotgun posse to kill off the species directly,” according to a Center for Biological Diversity activist.

50% of U.S. Coal Jobs Are in These 25 Counties

On average, coal miners represent 52 of every 1,000 people in the counties where 50 percent of the workforce is found

Why Oil and Coal States Are Slashing Their Education Budgets

Wyoming is the latest state to cut spending for K-12 schools.

‘Smallest Town in America’ Has an Enormous Budget Problem

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Minnesota’s numerous state secrecy provisions; Texas legislature vs. local governments; and some Maine schools may see big budget cuts.

Can Private Investment Work for Rural Infrastructure?

During a U.S. Senate committee hearing, doubts emerge whether public-private partnerships can meet the needs of non-urban areas.

First Female Mayor of Cheyenne, Wyo., Will Confront Tough Fiscal Challenges

“It’s just a matter of taking what we have and being smarter with those dollars,” Marian Orr told Route Fifty.

Public Land Battle Heats Up in Wyoming; Chicago Schools Take Credit Rating Hit

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: More gridlock ahead in Minn. state government; tropical bedbug worries in Florida; a Calexit for the Golden State?

Here's How State Personal Income Grew in Early 2016

Most states saw gains, except for two with significant fossil fuels sectors.

The Economic Value of ‘Quiet Recreation’ on BLM Lands

Non-motorized activities like backpacking, research of 11 western states in 2014 shows, generated around $1.8 billion in spending in communities within 50 miles of "quiet recreation" sites.

State and Local Daily Digest: Wyo.’s Natural Resource Explorer; Tenn. Senator Wants to De-Annex Then Doesn’t

Also in our news roundup: A micro-housing model city; Pennsylvania takes to medical marijuana; and Maine braces for budworms.

Why Some Governors Are Annoyed By Federal Land-Use Policies

“Rather than shutting coal down,” Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead said, “let’s find solutions to make it better.”

Wyoming Looks to Prevent Truck Crashes With New Connected Vehicle Technology

The state’s DOT hopes advanced communications will gather and distribute better information about hazards on Interstate 80, especially in winter.

Dropping Oil Prices Are Hammering Tax Revenues in Energy-Producing States

A new brief from the U.S. Department of Energy outlines some of the fiscal ramifications of the energy industry declines in six states.

Making Data on the Colorado River Basin’s Troubling Depletion More Accessible

Residents in Arizona, Nevada and Southern California should be paying the most attention to the Interior Department’s new, interactive drought tool.