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Ana Campoy


Some California Cities Are Siding With Trump on Immigration

While the number of jurisdictions rejecting California’s sanctuary rules has been growing, they remain in the minority.


Trump Is Quietly Swamping Visa Applicants in Extra Paperwork

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services already has an intense vetting process, so why is it asking for more evidence in more H-1B cases?


There Are More Hispanics in the U.S. Than We Thought

Much like those of Irish, Italian and German heritage before them, after several generations, Hispanics integrate to the point of disappearing.


Hurricane Maria Has Made Puerto Rico the Land of Opportunity for Solar Power

Behind the scenes, the destruction has bred a keen contest for a massive prize: the 1.4 million customers of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, which has kept its monopoly on the island for 70 years despite a dismal record.

Health & Human Services

Puerto Rico Is a Textbook Example of How Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Spread

There have been at least 74 suspected cases of leptospirosis, a bacterial illness transmitted through water, food, or soil contaminated by infected animal urine, recorded on the island so far this month.


The U.S. Is Arresting Undocumented Immigrants Faster Than It Can Deport Them

Trump’s enforcement approach, which also targets longtime immigrants who have committed minor or no offenses, is resulting in more arrests in the interior of the country.


American Cities Are Becoming More Diverse—And More Segregated

Hispanic communities are getting more, not less, ghettoized in major metro areas.