Local Rollout of Contact Tracing Apps Can Help Combat Skepticism, Experts Say

The smartphone technology can be useful for notifying people who’ve come in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus, but getting people to download the apps is proving to be a challenge.

3% of Americans Moved Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that Americans were most likely to have moved either to reduce their risk of infection or because their college campus closed.

Groups Call For More Accountability in State, Local Government Aid

A coalition of conservative groups has asked that if Congress approves more coronavirus aid funding, to require state and local governments to disclose how the money is spent.

Census Workers to Resume In-Person Visits to Boost Response Rate

About 40% of households have not yet responded to the 2020 census survey and the bureau estimates workers may have to visit 56 million households to follow up.

The Fight Continues Over Paying Enhanced Jobless Benefits Beyond July

Senate Democrats introduced legislation that would extend the $600-per-week unemployment supplement, but Republicans say the size of the extra payment discourages people from returning to work.

For July Fourth, Many Cities Go Virtual or Cancel Fireworks Displays

Some larger cities have opted to cancel their Independence Day fireworks while others are hosting virtual events or taking steps to encourage social distancing. New York City is planning a nightly surprise show each day this week.

U.S. House Approves D.C. Statehood for First Time in History

The historic vote in the House of Representatives will be met with opposition in the Senate.

A New Jersey City Mandates Business Inspections Before Reopening

Newark created a color-coded permitting system that indicates a business’ level of risk based on its health and safety plan.

Experts Say Investment Needed in Both Absentee, In-Person Voting Before November

Difficulties that emerged during Kentucky and New York’s primary elections Tuesday underscore the need for more resources to accommodate voters who cast ballots by mail and in person.

Cities Delay Infrastructure Projects Amid Covid-19 Budget Uncertainty

A survey by the National League of Cities Found that more than 700 cities are cancelling or delaying infrastructure projects because of budget shortfalls caused by the pandemic.

Four States Have Borrowed Money to Pay Unemployment Benefits

Thirty-six states borrowed from the federal government after the Great Recession, which over time led some to restrict unemployment benefits.

Virginia Strives to Weave Health Equity Into Its Coronavirus Response

The state’s Health Equity Leadership Task Force is pursuing partnerships with local governments in order to get protective gear and information about the virus to minority communities.

House Democrats Lay Out $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Democrats say the proposal would help create jobs necessary to help the economy recover after the coronavirus pandemic. While the Trump administration this week also floated more infrastructure spending, it would likely face stiff opposition in the Senate.

Virginia, New York Declare Juneteenth a State Holiday

Governors in both states are giving state workers a paid day off as they propose legislation to commemorate the emancipation of slaves.

Trump Signs Police Reform Executive Order to Encourage More Training, Other Changes

The order will incentivize police departments to meet use of force training and certification standards, share information about excessive use of force complaints and to dispatch social workers with police on certain calls.

Supreme Court Declines to Take Up Limits of Legal Immunity for Police

The court decided not to consider eight cases that challenge the legal doctrine of qualified immunity, which has been used to throw out civil lawsuits about police use of force.

Nashville Follows Tennessee's Lead, Stops Sharing Coronavirus Patient Information with Police

The city’s board of health voted to stop sharing names and addresses of people who tested positive for Covid-19 with law enforcement after lawmakers raised privacy concerns.

A Dip in the Public Pool This Summer? Local Leaders Weigh What’s Possible

Some states are giving the go-ahead for municipalities to open pools, but that doesn’t mean local governments will have the staff or financial resources to do so.

Report Says States’ Age Limits on Absentee Voting Are Unconstitutional

Seven states that require voters to provide an excuse in order to vote by mail allow older voters to cite their age as a reason to vote absentee.