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Annie Lowrey

Annie Lowrey is a contributing editor at The Atlantic, covering economic policy.

What the Camp Fire Revealed

ANALYSIS | Two months after disaster struck, the recovery in Paradise, California, is harder for some than for others.


The Truth About the Gig Economy

Uber and similar companies aren’t driving huge changes in the way that Americans make a living.


Women May Earn Just 49 Cents on the Dollar

ANALYSIS | A new study suggests that the gender wage gap is much wider than previously thought.


What Iowa Can Tell Us About Full Employment

Want to know where the economy is headed? Look at Des Moines.


Why America's Teachers Haven't Been Getting Raises

It's not just educators in West Virginia and Oklahoma who have watched their wages and benefits erode since the Great Recession.


The Most Expensive Weather Year Ever

Economists are tallying the damage from the fires and the hurricanes, and finding their true costs immeasurable.


The U.S. Isn’t Prepared for the Next Recession

When it comes—and it will, eventually—it’ll be worse than necessary.

Health & Human Services

Are States Really More Efficient Than the Federal Government?

Political scientists and economists don't think so, but many Republicans—who want to turn national programs over to local control—do.

Health & Human Services

Should the Government Guarantee Everyone a Job?

An old idea for preventing poverty and fighting recessions is gaining traction once again.