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Eric Katz

Eric Katz
Eric Katz writes about federal agency operations and management. His deep coverage of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Postal Service has earned him frequent guest spots on national radio and television news programs. Eric joined Government Executive in the summer of 2012 and previously worked for The Financial Times. He is a graduate of The George Washington University.

Here's What 12 Democratic Presidential Candidates Have to Say About Public Servants and Their Unions

All candidates at a union forum said they support federal legislation to ensure that public employees in every state have the right to join a union and bargain collectively.


Federal Agencies Heads Are Shifting Power Toward States

Federal officials have had too much discretion to institute their personal policy preferences, administration officials say.


Key Federal Agency Doesn’t Have the Staff to Oversee $35B in 2017 Hurricane Recovery Money

A slow process has led to four states and territories devastated by hurricanes receiving virtually none of the funds Congress appropriated.


Congress, White House Remain Sharply Divided Two Weeks From Another Shutdown

President Trump suggests there could be another approach to avoiding another closing of agencies.


Shutdown's Economic Impact? $3 Billion in Permanent Loss

During the longest-ever shutdown, federal agencies delayed a total of $18 billion in discretionary spending.


Federal Agencies Recall Thousands of Furloughed Workers

While agencies like the FDA and USDA call some workers back to work without pay, House Democrats were unsuccessful in their bid to pass the latest proposal to temporarily fund the government.


Airports Are Feeling the Shutdown Pressure

Call outs among Transportation Security Administration employees have jumped in recent days.


After Failed White House Meeting, Republicans Suggest Shutdown Agreement Could Take 'Weeks'

President Trump rejects Democrats' offer to reopen government while punting on border, saying agencies could be closed "a long time."

Health & Human Services

Veteran Homelessness Drops 5 Percent

There are now about 38,000 homeless veterans, according to federal agencies.

Public Safety

ICE’s Expanded Use of Local Law Enforcement Came Without Adequate Planning or Resources

A new federal audit says the number of people managing the program for state and local agencies needs to be dramatically increased.


Delayed EPA Response to Water Crisis Increased Health Risks to Flint Residents, IG Finds

A new watchdog report found that the federal agency's regional office didn't establish clear roles for the state environmental agency and failed to create clear lines of communication.


Trump's Postal Privatization Plan Met With Bipartisan Rebuke in Congress

Lawmakers across the ideological spectrum who have expressed an interest in postal issues showed little interest in Trump’s transformation, defending the Postal Service as an essential government service.


SWAMP Act Would Use Bidding Process to Push Federal Agency HQs Outside D.C.

“There’s no reason why the Department of Agriculture has to be in the District of Columbia when it could be located in Indiana or another heartland state,” according to Indiana Congressman Luke Messer.


EPA Employees Responsible for Colo. Mine Disaster Will Not Face Criminal Charges

An internal EPA report acknowledged employees missed some warning signs and failed to take certain precautions to prevent the spill, but ultimately found the blowout was “likely inevitable” due to built up pressurization.


Utah Lawmakers Look to Strip Federal Land Management Agencies of Law Enforcement Authority

“Federal agencies do not enjoy the same level of trust and respect as local law enforcement that are deeply rooted in local communities,” a joint statement says.