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Michael J. Coren

Staff writer, Quartz.

The Trump Administration’s Solar Tariffs Haven’t Stopped America’s Switch To Solar

The number of utility-scale solar projects being built in the U.S. has “exploded."


Booming U.S. Cities Are Fueling the Rise of Super Commuting

These days, it's not uncommon for workers headed to New York City to start their day 90 miles away in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


This Electric Scooter Mayhem Sounds Just Like When Cars Were First Introduced

Scooters are not killers (yet), but the anger they’ve inspired echoes that which accompanied the arrival of the first automobiles.


California's Solar Sector Is Cooling Off

Analysts expect expansion to continue in emerging markets Utah, Texas, South Carolina and Florida.

Tech & Data

Utilities Are Paying Their Customers to Buy Electric Vehicles

With few alternatives, utilities are spending their money—and carmakers’ cash—to get people hooked on batteries.

Tech & Data

A Blue-Collar Version of Silicon Valley Takes Root in the Midwest

After years in the doldrums, the fortunes of Midwestern metro areas are rising.


When You Give Alaskans a Universal Basic Income, They Still Keep Working

Public support for the Alaska Permanent Fund has deepened in the past generation, despite the prospect of raising taxes.

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Statehouses Are the New Arena in the Battle for Net Neutrality

“We simply cannot have 50 different state regulations governing our internet–consumers expect and demand a single, consistent, common-sense approach,” wrote US Telecom president and CEO Jonathan Spalter in an email.

Smart Cities

One Chinese City Has More Electric Buses Than All of America’s Biggest Cities Have Buses

The transition away from transit powered by fossil fuels is happening at a slower pace in the U.S. and Europe.

Smart Cities

Here Are All the Cities Piloting Self-Driving Cars

A total of 23 U.S. cities are piloting or preparing for autonomous vehicles. Is yours one?

Smart Cities

When Will Self-Driving Electric Cars Make Conventional Cars Worthless?

We're entering a new era where transportation is an on-demand mobility service, not a product. Most owners will become real-time renters.

Tech & Data

Orlando Wants to Turn Its Entire City Into a Theme Park for Self-Driving Cars

Tourists and the defense and tech industries will be offered a chance to test the vehicles.

Tech & Data

New York Wants to Put a Virtual Power Plant on 300 Rooftops

This $15 million pilot, part of New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision, seeks to transform these distributed solar power into single source of electricity.


Y Combinator Is Running a Basic Income Experiment With 100 Oakland Families

The study will test whether the money meets people’s core needs, and how it affects people’s “happiness, well-being, financial health, as well as how people spend their time.”