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Sophie Quinton


After George Floyd, Some School Districts Cut Ties With Police

Minneapolis and Portland have ended contracts with city police departments.


Switch to Remote Learning Could Leave Students With Disabilities Behind

The U.S. Department of Education has told districts that they should not let concerns over how to reach students with disabilities stop them from offering distance learning.


As US Coal Plants Shutter, One Town Tests an Off-Ramp

It's complicated for rural areas to recover from a coal plant closure — even with help.


Hot Hemp Pits States Against Feds

State officials warn new USDA rules could hurt the nascent industry.


More States See Zoning as Lever to Lower Housing Costs

Some affordable housing advocates say not all new development is created equal.

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Cannabis Confusion Pushes States to Ban Smokable Hemp

Law enforcement groups have protested the sale of hemp products that resemble marijuana.


The West’s Population Boom Leads to Development Backlash

Heavy traffic and rising home prices are some of the downsides to having more residents.


Farmers Struggle as Hemp Harvest Winds Down

Many hemp growers won’t make much money, and some might go bust.

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CBD May Be Natural, But Is It Safe?

The health benefits of cannabidiol are unclear, and many products hitting the market haven’t been made in clean, permitted facilities or tested for toxic pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria.


Cannabis Banking Challenges Go Beyond Pot

Banks uneasy about pot money aren’t any happier about hemp.


Dreaming Big for a Risky Hemp Crop

Many first-time hemp growers don’t have buyers.

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Where Doctors Can Recommend Marijuana to Replace Opioids

Some states allow people with opioid addictions to get a medical marijuana card, but many medical experts oppose those policies.


Colorado Governor Recall Effort Follows a Larger Trend

Angry conservatives are pushing for recall elections to yank Democrats out of office.