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Tim Fernholz

Tim Fernholz
Tim Fernholz covers state, business and society for Quartz.

California’s Plan to Tax Rockets by the Mile Is Exactly What Space Companies Want

After 62 miles, the companies are deemed to be in space, and would not incur further taxes.


Trump’s Attorney General Could Scrap Rule Protecting State-Legalized Marijuana

As Attorney General, Sessions could issue a directive that would give prosecutors in states with legal marijuana a freer hand to prosecute marijuana companies.


A Handful of People Makes Majority of U.S. Airport Noise Complaints

In Denver, one person who lived 30 miles from the main airport made 73 percent of complaints in 2015.


California Governor Jerry Brown’s Plan for Cheaper Rent is Going to Make People Upset

Brown is pushing a plan that would allow developers to leapfrog planning and environmental reviews if they meet basic zoning requirements.


Ohio Could Create the First Marijuana Grower Monopoly

Buckeye State voters may cede control of recreational weed cultivation to wealthy financiers pushing legalization.


White House Announces Changes to Military Surplus Program for Local Law Enforcement

On the list of prohibited items: bayonets, grenade launchers, weaponized aircraft and large-caliber firearms.