A Bit of Good News in a County That Closed All Its Libraries

As volunteers step up to run community libraries, a new intergovernmental agreement in southwest Oregon gives local advocates there some new hope.

Testing for Tainted Marijuana Challenges States

Anecdotes have emerged of vulnerable consumers, such as cancer patients, contracting dangerous infections after smoking bad weed.

Portland Mayor Hits Back at Carson’s Comments on Homelessness in West Coast Cities

Ted Wheeler says that if the HUD secretary thinks government should take a passive role, he “should step aside and allow someone up to the task to lead.”

Q&A: An Oregon Mayor Talks Tax Reform and DACA on Capitol Hill

Gresham’s Shane Bemis, a Republican, is among the U.S. Conference of Mayors members visiting the nation's capital ahead of the Republicans releasing their tax reform proposal.

For Governors, Zinke’s National Monument Recommendations Remain a Mystery

“Our staff has been actively requesting the information from the Interior Department, as well as the White House, and we have not yet received it,” according to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s press secretary.

Another Volley Between States and the Justice Department Over Recreational Marijuana

In the latest round of official correspondence, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown highlighted the state’s tracking measures for pot and noted flaws with a report U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions referenced.

More Good News for a Promising Earthquake Early-Warning Tool

Here’s what’s planned for the next phase of the ShakeAlert system that’s been under development on the West Coast.

Seeking Efficiencies Through Major Upgrades to Portland’s Water Works

While ratepayers wince, a preference for long-term investment may also deliver long-term quality and some tech advantages.

As Sessions Looks More Closely at Legal Weed, State Officials Point to Regulatory Successes

“We're trying to be flexible, to bring the understanding…, the agency's history and legacy of knowledge to bear on this new industry,” according to Mark Pettinger, an Oregon Liquor Control Commission public affairs officer.

Wildfires Cloak Pacific Northwest in Smoky Haze as Fire Threats Increase

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | L.A.’s structural deficit; N.C.’s attorney general forced to slash 10% of staff; and a “notable lack of hellfire” from satanist at city council meeting.

The Very Real Dangers of Building in the Wildland-Urban Interface

In central Oregon, the city of Bend and Deschutes County are no strangers to big wildfires. But building more fire-resilient communities isn’t always easy.

WATCH: This Is What a Megaquake Will Do to an Important Lifeline in Portland

Also in our Weekend State and Local Digest: Maine’s unvaccinated kindergartners; Sacramento seeks out Filipino teachers; and Alabama reverses its ban on margarita pitchers.

Oregon’s DOT Cleans Up Slimy Mess From a Korean Delicacy

PHOTOS: One unlucky car was completely slimed in an unusual mucus from eel-like hagfish.

Oregon (Yes, Oregon) Just Put a Tax on Bicycles

The $15 fee on new bikes is a strange way for the state to prioritize active transit.

Portland’s Ted Wheeler: ‘The Role of Mayor Has Never Been So Important As It Is Right Now’

The new city hall leader exemplifies the passion and dynamism that is stirring in cities and mayors across the nation.

Addressing the Retirement Insecurity Crisis

As Congress steps back on supporting small business employee retirement accounts, the state treasurers from Illinois and Oregon point out the need to continue forward.

When 100,000 People Suddenly Swarm a Rural City of 6,500 Residents

Oregon expects 1 million visitors for the highly anticipated solar eclipse in August and Madras will play a starring role in managing the influx of people.

Trump’s Federal Land-Use Regulatory Battle Targets Obama’s Sage Grouse Rules

“They might as well form a shotgun posse to kill off the species directly,” according to a Center for Biological Diversity activist.

Portland Mayor Calls on Feds to Revoke 'Trump Free Speech Rally' Permit

Mayor Ted Wheeler: “Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation.”