Connecting state and local government leaders

Route Fifty Covered a Lot of Ground in 2015 … And We Mapped Our Coverage

Along U.S. 50 in Nevada

Along U.S. 50 in Nevada Michel Piccaya /


Connecting state and local government leaders

From Albuquerque to Bangor to Grand Forks to Kansas City to San Luis Obispo to Raleigh and beyond, navigate Route Fifty’s news stories from around the United States on our news map.

When the Government Executive Media Group launched Route Fifty in April, our editorial team covering state and local government around the United States endeavored to write about as much of the nation as possible. And that’s not easy with a small team of reporters, editors, freelancers and guest contributors.

But in about eight months, we’ve been above to cover a lot of territory.

As part of a review of our 2015 articles, I decided to plot them on a map. It’s a good exercise—albeit a labor intensive one—to assess the footprint of our state and local coverage. What resulted was more than 250 plotted points each with a link to a Route Fifty story that can be tied to a specific geographic location—many points have links to more than one story, e.g., Philadelphia City Hall

As you can see, our team has covered the map from San Diego, California, to Northeast Harbor, Maine, with plenty of places in between, like Salt Lake City, Utah; Roscoe, Nebraska; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Nichols, New York:

What you see here is not a complete picture of the totality of the coverage we’ve offered at Route Fifty. I didn’t include crossposted content from our partner organizations and our fellow Atlantic Media news publications. I also didn’t include our news roundups. (If I did, this map would include stories from all 50 states.)

Our Route Fifty team has laid the foundation for even more in 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. Have ideas for news coverage or guest article contributions?  Send them to

If you don’t want to navigate our 2015 news coverage on the map, you can scroll through it below.

Mayor’s ‘Gorilla Face’ Obama Comments Pushes City Into Municipal Showdown

Empire State Plaza in Albany, N.Y. (Photo by Richard Cavalleri /

ALBANY, New York:
Why’s Pageviews Quadrupled Last Year
This State Involved Foster Youth in Its Data Outreach to Other Foster Youth
Wasting Away in Powderita-ville? Not in New York State
While Vermont Is Still the King of Syrup,This State Is Savoring Its Own Sweet Success
New Program in New York State Will Distribute Personal Transmitters for Vulnerable Kids

There Are Risks and Benefits When Opening Up Your Data
Are Immigrant Entrepreneurs the Key to Local Job Creation?

Big IT Purchases Don’t Always Fit a State’s Procurement Process

This Might Be America’s Most Dysfunctional City

ANN ARBOR, Michigan:
Wanted in Ann Arbor: A City Administrator With ‘10-15 Years Experience in Child Care’
A Q&A With Robert Goodspeed of the University of Michigan

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland:
Maryland’s New Apple Watch App Will Lead You to Water
Stuck in a Growing Pension Hole, Maryland Keeps on Digging

ATLANTA, Georgia:
How Georgia Reorganized All Its Parks and Rec Data in 9 Months
How Georgia Greatly Improved Its Data Infrastructure

Maine, Tennessee CIOs Talk Surfing the Coming 'Silver Tsunami' of State IT Retirees
State Governments Are Taking the ‘Great Outdoors’ Online

AUSTIN, Texas:
Texas Makes Officer-Involved Shooting Information Public
Electronic Voting Systems Might Not Be Enough in Texas
Passage of Campus Carry Bill Puts Texas Lawmakers at Odds With State’s Universities

BALTIMORE, Maryland:
Baltimore Unrest Prompts Note of Caution From Credit Analysts
Baltimore City Hall’s Tough Year

BANGOR, Maine:
Will Obama Step Into Divisive Land Squabble in Maine?
Can a National Park Save Northern Maine?

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana:
These 5 Major Fiscal Problems Await Louisiana's Next Governor
Why Baton Rouge Is on the Verge of a Digital Renaissance

BERKELEY COUNTY, South Carolina:
Drug Money Funded This Police App

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah (Photo by Michael Grass /

An Open Data Exploration of a Beautiful Autumn Drive in Utah

BOISE, Idaho:
Federal Judge Rules That Idaho’s 'Ag-Gag' Law Is Unconstitutional

BOSTON, Massachusetts:
Why There Won’t Be a ‘Final’ Version of the Redesigned
Boston’s Latest Experiment in Civic Tech Collaboration
Massachusetts Aims to Streamline Procurement Processes to Boost Civic Tech"
Massachusetts Cities and Towns Still Feeling Fiscal Hit From Costly Winter

BOULDER, Colorado:
Science and Research Provide New Tools to Fight Wildfires

BREEZEWOOD, Pennsylvania:
Unpaid Toll Violations Part of Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Audit

CHARLESTON, South Carolina:
Charleston Church Shootings Test ‘Dean of America’s Mayors’ in His Final Year in Office

CHARLESTON, West Virginia:
When Revamping Public Engagement,Governments Can Use the Cloud

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina:
These Two Major Metros Saw a Decrease in Small Business Activity in 2015
How Charlotte Won Three Knight Cities Challenge Grants
Local Government Takes a Backseat in Charlotte’s Energy Initiative
GovJams Apply Design Thinking to Local Issues
Local Government Takes a Backseat in Charlotte’s Energy Initiative

How Digital Equity Is a Driving Force for Some Gigabit Cities

CHERRYLAND, California:
How This Sheriff’s Office Uses Urban Farming to Try to Ease Impacts of Poverty

Chicago, Illinois (f11photo /

CHICAGO, Illinois:
An Alternative Way to Get Things Done in Chicago: Work With the City’s Aldermen
How Chicago is Trading in Sewage Treatment for Water Reclamation
Why State and Local Governments Are Increasingly Embracing Github
Using Predictive Analytics, Chicago Is a Trailblazer for Health Code Inspections GitHub
Chicago’s New ‘Cloud Tax’ Will Soon Hit Netflix Users
How Chicago Is Catching Restaurant Health Violations Faster

Data Is the Fuel That Turns the Gears of Government
Cincinnati Sprints to Reform Its Development Approval Processes
Cincinnati Takes Big Step Forward to Improve Its Municipal Performance

Cleveland’s ‘Jock Tax’ Faces Big Setback in Court

When a City Government Faces Challenges,‘You Either Rise to the Occasion or You Don’t’

COLUMBIA, South Carolina:
Severe Flooding Continues in South Carolina as Waters Rush Toward Coast
Taking Stock of South Carolina’s Historic '1,000 Year' Floods

DENTON, Texas:
Texas Governor Signals Intent to Block Municipal Rules on Fracking

DENVER, Colorado:
Why Colorado Gets a Failing Grade on Access to Public Information
Colorado Governor, Attorney General Spar Over EPA Clean Power Plan Lawsuit
When It Comes to Cyber Defense, Colorado Spends to Secure Its Information Resources
State Supreme Court Delivers Bad News to Colorado Marijuana Users

DETROIT, Michigan:
Part of Resurgent Detroit’s Transportation Retrofit: More Bicycle Infrastructure
Fiscal Emergency Drives Detroit's Home County Toward Consent Agreement With State of Michigan
Detroit’s Improved Bond Outlook Bodes Well for Municipal Services
Detroit, Memphis Win Big in Smarter Cities Challenge

DUBLIN, California:
How Effective Web Platforms Can Aid Water Conservation Efforts

DULUTH, Minnesota:
After Steering a Rust Belt Revival, Duluth's Mayor Looks Toward Life Beyond City Politics

DURHAM, North Carolina:
Is Behavioral Economics the Key to Local Government Innovation?
This County’s Push to Go Paperless Started a Digitalization Wave

City Hall in East Liverpool, Ohio (Photo by Michael Grass /

East Liverpool, the Sad, Unhealthy ‘City of Yesterday’

This New, Scalable Disaster Recovery Solution Can Help Cities Weather Storms

Northern Virginia County Eyes Innovation Districts
Fairfax County Judge Green-Lights Lawsuit Over Police License Plate Readers

FRANKFORT, Kentucky:
Outgoing Kentucky Governor Defends State’s Obamacare Initiatives
Gov.-Elect Matt Bevin Wants to Shrink Kentucky’s Government. But How Big Is It?
Difficult State Pension Challenges Await Kentucky’s New Governor

FREDERICK, Maryland:
Should Frederick Remove Its Bust of a Pro-Slavery Historic Figure?

Frustrated Colorado Voters Greenlight More Local Broadband Improvements
Colorado Battle Over Local Control of Oil and Gas Drilling Far From Over

Fort Worth Is Sharing Data With the Private Sector Faster

GLENDALE, California:
A Good Social Media Response Decision Tree for Local Governments (Or, Really Anyone)

A rockslide in Colorado's Glenwood Canyon on Interstate 70 was captured by Colorado Department of Transportation cameras. 

Colorado Traffic Camera Footage Captures Canyon Rockslide

GRAND FORKS, North Dakota:
How Grand Forks Mobilizes Its Residents for Fall Leaf Collection

A Way to Make Bus Route Planning More Accessible and Flexible

Grand Rapids Learns to Live With Its River Risks

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania:
Pennsylvania's Capital Must Change Its Financial Recovery Plan, Mayor Says
Pennsylvania Counties Look at Drastic Actions Against State Amid Budget Mess
Getting Debt-Ridden Harrisburg Back on the Right Track Hasn’t Been Easy
How a ‘Vampire Hunter’s Set’ May Be Connected to Harrisburg’s Fiscal Crisis
Watch PennDOT’s Quick Work to Demolish and Rebuild a Highway Bridge

HARTFORD, Connecticut:
New Report Rates States’ Finances and Competitiveness
Connecticut Budget Plan Sparks Big Rebuke From Major Employers
Budget Simulator Puts Citizens in Control of Government’s ‘Fiscal Spigot’

HELENA, Montana:
Your State’s Tax System Probably Isn’t Fair

HICKORY, North Carolina:
A North Carolina City’s Big Aspiration: Attracting Millennials
This Might Be One of the Most Accessible Farmers Markets in the U.S.

Here’s How Hawaii Took Its Medical Marijuana Program Online

Why Houston Untethered Its 311 Service After Hurricane Ike
Census Estimates Show Metro Areas Where Households Lag in Disaster Preparedness

Was Streamlining Indianapolis’ Parking System Worth It?

Iowa City Looks to Curb E-Cigarette Use in Smoke-Free Zones

This Michigan County Made Mortgaging Easier With Searchable Electronic Records

Finances for Kansas City, St. Louis Could Be Hobbled by Legislation in Missouri

KALAMAZOO, Michigan:
The Trouble With Kalamazoo’s ‘Fountain of the Pioneers’

Kansas City, Missouri (Photo by TommyBrison /

KANSAS CITY, Missouri:
Code for America Names Local Government Partners for Its 2016 Fellowship Program
Making Kansas City Fertile Ground for the Internet of Things
Kansas City Takes Cue From New York City on Public WiFi, Info Kiosks

LANSING, Michigan:
Bill Would Limit Michigan’s Local Governments, Schools From Sharing Pre-Election Factual Info
Center for Public Integrity's New 50 State Scorecards Show 'Deeply Troubling' Results

LAS VEGAS, Nevada:
Is This County’s Regulation of Uber Legal?

LEXINGTON, Kentucky:
Aspiring Gigabit Cities Look to Lexington, Kentucky

LINCOLN, Nebraska:
Do Nebraska and Oklahoma Have a Strong Case as They Challenge Colorado's Marijuana Laws?

LONG BEACH, California:
Integrated Care Is Transforming This L.A.County Clinic

LOS ANGELES, California:
L.A. City Hall Seeks to Fill Special Position on Transportation Technology
Why a Puente Hills Quake Could Be FarMore Destructive to L.A. Than the ‘Big One’
The Ever-Improving Online Services and Security of L.A.'s City Websites
Why We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About Open Data
Would L.A. County Voters Support a Sales Tax Hike for Transportation's Sake?
Los Angeles, San Francisco Leaders Green Light New Gun Safety Rules

Improving Local Government Performance in Louisville: ‘It’s All About The People’
Louisville Mayor Continues Push for Performance and Compassion
More Cities Exceed State and Federal LGBT Protections in 2015
What’s Next for Louisville’s Digital Team?
Figuring Out What Makes the Best-Managed Cities Tick

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas:
How Arkansas Makes the Most of Its ‘Mobile Moments’

How Some States and Localities Are Helping to Close Their Wireless Gaps

LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico:
New Mexico Wants to Connect Disruptive Technologists With Investors

The Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison (Photo by Lindsay Douglas /

MADISON, Wisconsin:
The ‘Strongest Civil Service System in the Country’ Is Poised for a Major Overhaul

McALLEN, Texas:
What Particular Civic Tech Hackathons Reflect About a City’s Challenges

MEDFORD, Oregon:
Questions Simmer in Oregon Over Legality of Local Marijuana Taxes

MEMPHIS, Tennessee:
Another City Turns to Mow-to-Own Program
Detroit, Memphis Win Big in Smarter Cities Challenge

MIAMI, Florida:
GovJams Apply Design Thinking to Local Issues
The Movement to Make Legal Codes More Accessible Expands in Miami
For Smart Cities Like Miami, Streetlights Are Just the Beginning

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin:
Milwaukee Leaders Sign Off on City Financing Plan for Bucks Arena
Is Keeping an NBA Team in Milwaukee Worth Taxpayers’ Money?

MONTEREY, California:
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Maryland County Passes Tough Pesticide Rules Impacting Residential Lawns
Open Performance Supplants Open Data in Maryland’s Most Populous County

MONTPELIER, Vermont:New England Struggles to Counter Heroin Addiction
For Vermont’s Public Schools, How Small Is Too Small?
Tax Resistance Unlikely to Thwart Vermont Education Reform

MESA, Arizona:
From Skeptic to True Believer, An Arizona Mayor Embraces Light Rail

NAPA COUNTY, California:
Why There May Never Be a Final Price Tag on Last Year’s Napa County Earthquake
When Disaster Strikes, Mobile Strategies Can Help Local Governments Respond Better

NASHVILLE, Tennessee:
Grocery Store Wine Sales Prompt Tennessee to Take the Paperless Plunge
Maine, Tennessee CIOs Talk Surfing the Coming 'Silver Tsunami' of State IT Retirees

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana:
New Analytics Tool Helps Predict Where There’s a Lack of Home Smoke Detectors
Scrambling for High Ground in FEMA Flood Map Disputes
Facing Our Future Intertwined Natural and Manmade Disasters

Pennsylvania Station in New York City (Photo by littleny /

Deal Reached on How to Manage, Split Costs for Hudson River Rail Tunnel Replacement
Cuomo and Christie Ask Feds to Cover Half of Hudson River Tunnel Replacement
Looming Northeast Corridor Rail Disaster Demands Solutions
Feds Increasingly Frustrated With Lack of State Action on Hudson River Tunnels
N.Y.C. Women’s Entrepreneurship Program Takes Next Steps
New York City Looks to Close Gender Gap in Business Ownership
New York City Launches Program to Distribute 100,000 Smoke Detectors
Why New York Still Wants to Ban Styrofoam
N.Y.C. Will Spend $100 Million on Walls and Other Measures to Block Lower Manhattan From Floodwaters
New York City’s Latest Municipal Data Breakthrough: Loud Sex Complaints
New York City’s Data-Driven Approach to Counting Its Street Trees

NEWARK, New Jersey:
Municipal IDs a Gateway to City Services for Undocumented Residents

Farm land near Nichols, N.Y. (Photo by Bill Lucia /

NICHOLS, New York:
Gambling's 'Big Trickle-Down' Boost or Simply a Way to Shuffle Economic Dollars Around?
Upstate New York Is Betting on More Casinos

NORFOLK, Virginia:
Harsher Storms and Rising Waters Are Forcing Norfolk to Sink or Adapt

NORMANDY, Missouri:
What Mayors Can Do to Manage a Crisis of Ferguson Proportions

Can Maine Lead New England to a Farming Renaissance?

Left With Few Fiscal Options, Another Pennsylvania Locality Turns to Borrowing

OAKLAND, California:
Creating a ‘Digital Front Door’ at Oakland City Hall
Figuring Out What Makes the Best-Managed Cities Tick
Why Hybrid Data Storage Might Be Best When Expanding Police Body Camera Use
At Code for America, There’s Hope for Local Procurement Reform Amid Ongoing Struggles

OAK PARK, Illinois:
Dissecting One Community’s Digital Outreach on a Major Infrastructure Project
Here’s One Creative Solution to the ‘LoveLock’ Problem

OCEANSIDE, California:
Keeping Light Pollution Down as a Service to Stargazers

Oklahoma City Bombing Refined, Not Defined City Communications
Oklahoma Earthquake Surge Creates State vs. Local Regulatory Quandary
Do Nebraska and Oklahoma Have a Strong Case as They Challenge Colorado's Marijuana Laws?
Following Texas, Oklahoma Leaders Look to Ban Fracking Bans, Too

OLATHE, Kansas:
Can the Internet of Things Combat Child Obesity in Cities?

The Washington State Capitol in Olympia (Photo by Jon Bilous /

OLYMPIA, Washington:
Green Purchasing: What Is New and Does It Really Make a Difference?

How Twitter and Instagram Could Help Inform Local Disaster Response Efforts

ORANGE COUNTY, California:
Orange County Turns to Big Data in Effort to Remake Child Support Services

Texas Health Authorities vs. Sisters’ Lemonade Stand

An Advanced Sensor Network Will Help Utah Cities Figure Out Their Urban Biorhythm

Why Your Local Government Doesn’t Always Need a Designated Social Media Coordinator

PEORIA, Illinois:
"Peoria’s ‘Budget Challenge’ Puts Residentsin the Driver’s Seat"

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania:
Uber Faces Hefty Fine From Pennsylvania Regulators
Using Data to Solve Multi-Jurisdictional Problems in Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh’s Mayor Announces Major Fiscal Commitment for Resiliency Efforts
Pittsburgh’s ‘Shared Space’ Street Concept Could Be a National Trendsetter
Pittsburgh’s Innovation Chief Pushes a Big Municipal ‘Cultural Shift’
Pittsburgh Prioritizes ‘Inclusive’ Tech Initiatives With New Innovation Roadmap

PLANO, Texas:
Low Gas Prices Could Give Toll Roads a Financial Boost”  

Does New York State's ‘Energy Highway ’Plan Make Sense?

Philadelphia City Hall (Photo by trekandshoot /

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania:
Transforming Philadelphia’s City Services Through Customer Service
In Philadelphia, City Hall Wants to ‘Innovate With Intent’
New Visualization Tool Will Augment Existing Open Data Portal in Philadelphia
A Municipal Innovation Priority: People Want Information And ‘They Want It Now’
With Open Data, Delicate Questions Arise Over When to Release What
Philly Faces a Big Question With Its Proposed Parking App: It May Be Too Easy to Use
In Civic Tech Circles, There Are Few Better Places to Be Than Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia Moves to Prepare for a ‘Warmer and Wetter’ Future

PHOENIX, Arizona:
Phoenix Takes First Steps Toward Circular Waste Economy
Making the Case for Cyber Defense Spending in Local Government

Some Relief for Oregon Neighborhood Facing Onslaught of Government Beetles
How Government-Released Beetles Invaded a Portland, Oregon Neighborhood
Company With Tesla Taxis Plans to Compete Against Lyft, Uber in Portland, Oregon

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island:
Why Local Law Enforcement Should Take Mobile Forensics Seriously

RALEIGH, North Carolina:
How a Collaborative Urban Environment in Raleigh Is Building Up Steam
Cities Continue to Adopt LED Street Lights
What ‘Shocked’ North Carolina’s Governor When He Took Office?
Check Out Raleigh’s Homegrown Innovator Movement
N.C. Governor: State Needs $2.8 Billion Infrastructure Bond Proposal to Stay Competitive
Raleigh Spotlights Its Firefighting Advances

RICHMOND, Virginia:
Virginia’s Data Re-engineering Internships Boost State Agency Efficiency
Virginia Lawmakers Examining a Big Public Records Loophole

ROANOKE, Virginia:
Roanoke’s Next Mayor Should Avoid Praising the Darker Parts of U.S. History

ROCHESTER, Minnesota:
Remaking Rochester, Minnesota in the Mayo Clinic’s Image

An abandoned gas station in Roscoe, Nebraska (Photo by Michael Grass /

ROSCOE, Nebraska:
What Will Happen to Truck Stop Towns When Driverless Truck Technology Expands?

SACRAMENTO, California:
Civic Hackers Launch Toolset to Shed Light on Sacramento’s City Budget
‘Green Gov’ Codeathon in California Pushes State’s Open Data Efforts Forward
Proposed Calif. Ballot Initiative Would Put Voters in Control of Future Pensions
California Confronts Its Daunting Pension Shortfalls
Cybersecurity Risk or Building Block for More Open Government?
California Leaders Urge Congress Not to Undermine State’s Personal Data Standards

SALEM, Oregon:
A Way to Make Heavy Duty Equipment Sharing Within Big State Agencies Easier
Oregon Ruling Throws State and Local Pensions for a Loop

Code for America Names Local Government Partners for Its 2016 Fellowship Program
DSRC Technology Testing for Buses May Put Utah on Cutting Edge
Why Utah’s State Government Leads the Nation in Offering Services Online
How Utah Is Trying to Curb the Growth of Its Prison Population
In Utah, Fending Off More Than 20 Million Malicious Transmissions Is Just a ‘Light Day’
Utah’s Web Portal Just Got a Whole Lot More Personal
Look at Utah’s New Web Initiative to Boost Tourism

Why Launching a New Website Is Only Half the Battle for Local Governments

Moving Beyond Incremental Change for a Comprehensive Civic IT Overhaul

SAN DIEGO, California:
San Diego Invests $11 Million in a New Land Management Solution
Southern California Water Agencies Spar Over Making Conservation Program Nation’s Largest
How San Diego Plans to Assess the Condition of Nearly 2,800 Miles of City Streets

Dolores Park in San Francisco (Photo by ChameleonsEye /

SAN FRANCISCO, California:
Key Takeaways From San Francisco's Updated Open Data Strategy
San Francisco’s ‘Secret Weapon’ to Keep Pedestrians Safe
California Mayors Champion Statewide Minimum Wage Increase
The Race to Develop an Open-Source Voting System Is On

Is This America’s Most Daunting Infrastructure Obstacle?

SAN JOSE, California:
When Smart Parking Meters Become Overly Sensitive
This App-Enabled Public-Private Partnership Wants to Become Silicon Valley’s Hunger Buster
An Innovative Law Enforcement Use of Garbage Trucks or Big Brother?

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rico Debt Default All But Certain, a Rating Agency Warns

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California:
Municipal Websites Prep Residents for El Niño Impacts
Digital Health Investment Isn’t Happening Where You Might Expect

A Northern California County Pushes Farming Incentives for Vacant and Blighted Plots
In Silicon Valley, a New App to Empower Diners With Health Compliance Info
Homelessness in the Heart of Silicon Valley

SANTA MONICA, California:
In Santa Monica, You Can Now Put a Number on Wellbeing

SAUGATUCK, Michigan:
Saugatuck’s Hand-Crank Chain Ferry

A Seattle Public Utilities garbage warning sticker. (Photo by Bill Lucia /

SEATTLE, Washington:
A Pacific Northwest Megaquake Will Test Government Response in Ways Katrina Never Did
Judge OKs Seattle’s Controversial New Guns and Ammo Tax
Legal Clash Looms Over Seattle Legislation to Organize Uber and Lyft Drivers
Focusing on Early Intervention to Ensure Childhood Wellness
Comcast’s New Philadelphia Agreement Irks Seattle City Hall
With Localscape, a County Assessor Harnesses More Than Just Property Data
Man Who Dogged Police With Video Requests Wants to Make Digital Evidence Submissions Easier
This County Government Went All-In on Purchasing Cards
Controversial Guns and Ammo Taxing Plan Gets Thumbs Up in Seattle
Does Seattle’s Trash Monitoring Violate Privacy Rights?
Washington State Legal Showdown Awaits Tax Proposal for Guns and Ammo
Can Bicycle Cops Help Build Stronger Community-Police Ties?
'It's Not Garbage Anymore': Seattle Sees Uptick in Organic Waste Collections Under New Rules
Seattle Finds a More Cost-Effective Way to Keep Road Contaminants From Its Waterways

SHASTA COUNTY, California:Counties Must Identify Their Best Assets If They Want Sustainable Growth

There’s Another Big Problem With Alabama’s Sweeping DMV Closures

Sideling Hill, the National Road and the Way West

SILVERTON, Colorado:
Town Administrator in Colorado an 'Optimist’ in Wake of Gold King Mine Disaster

SKAGIT COUNTY, Washington:
A GPS-Enabled, One-Stop Shop for Everything Real Estate

SOMERVILLE, Massachusetts:
Boston-Area Cities Join Forces
A Medium-Size City’s Approach to Data
This City’s Harvard Partnership Helped Eliminate Blight

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina:
Lessons From a South Carolina City’s Battle With a Judgmental N.Y.C. Writer

SPOKANE, Washington:
How Much Marijuana Will Be Detected in Municipal Sewage?

The Illinois State Capitol Rotunda (Photo by Henryk Sadura /

Illinois Knocked by Researchers for Sub-Par Budgeting Practices
States Move to Bolster Private Retirement Savings
Campaign Finance Transparency Already Getting an Update in Illinois

ST. LOUIS, Missouri:
Finances for Kansas City, St. Louis Could Be Hobbled by Legislation in Missouri
Local Government Communications Professionals Should Avoid This PR Fail

ST. PAUL, Minnesota:
How Minnesota Rebuilt Its Rainy Day Fund and Created Its Largest Budget Reserve in History

TEWKSBURY, Massachusetts:
"Why Local Police Departments Are Prime Targets for Ransomware Attacks"

Inspecting Oregon’s Bridges, Sometimes 6 Stories Underwater

This County Convinced All Its Localities to Go Paperless

TOPEKA, Kansas:
Comparing Kansas to Its Neighbors

TRENTON, New Jersey:
New Jersey Tops Rankings of State Property Tax Rates
A Special Lottery to Forgive Student Loan Debt?
New Jersey Supreme Court’s Pensions Ruling Gives Legal Victory to Christie
Volcker Alliance Aims to ‘Expose the Game’ Some States Play With Their Budgets
New Jersey Reimburses Its State Employees the Least for Mileage

Tucson's streetcar system (Photo by Timothy B. Clark /

TUCSON, Arizona:
Intergovernmental Trends Put Pressure on Arizona’s Second-Largest City
An Interview With Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild

TWISP, Washington:
Firefighting Tragedy in Washington State as Wildland Blazes Spread

VAIL, Colorado:
Should States and Localities Exert More Control Over Federal Land?
Colorado Ski Town Votes to Ban Pot Shops to Appease Conservative Guests

VALLEJO, California:
California Microclimates Pose Complex Drought Challenges in Some Communities

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia:
How D.C.’s Office of Open Government Is Transforming Government One Day at a Time
The Double-Edged Sword of a Proactive Agency Social Media Strategy
How Do the 50 States Stack Up Accordingto Their ‘State Avenue Gravitas’ in D.C.?
Why Municipal Pool Investments Are Great Societal Equalizers
Here’s an Unusual New Government Email Rule

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wisconsin:Looking to Realign Its Finances, a Fiscally Boxed-in Wisconsin County Turns to Priority-Based Budgeting

Downbound Fiscal Days in Wayne County, Michigan

WAYNESBURG, Pennsylvania:
In Greene County, the Legacy of Energy Runs Deep

New York State ‘Bridge Strikes’ Prompt New Detection Systems

Wilmington Phases In a Green Vehicle Fleet

WILMINGTON, North Carolina:
What North Carolina’s City Leaders Want Most From the Feds

The Wayne County Courthouse in Wooster, Ohio (Photo by Michael Grass /

Four County Courthouses in Ohio

WORCESTER, Massachusetts:
In Worcester, Discussing Race Relations Amid Shifting Demographics

WYOMING, Minnesota:
Municipal Sewer Problems Prompt Federal Lawsuit on Flushable Wipes

YONKERS, New York:
Why Launching a New Website Is Only Half the Battle for Local Governments

Michael Grass is Executive Editor of Government Executive’s Route Fifty.

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