$60 for Toilet Paper? How Attorneys General Are Fighting Price Gougers

State attorneys general are inundated with price gouging complaints and working with online retailers to crack down on overpriced items.

Coronavirus Shows Cracks in the Gig Economy

COMMENTARY | The coronavirus has exposed the problematic nature of the gig economy on workers’ pay and benefits.

Trump Signs Coronavirus Aid Package—But Democrats Say More Help Needed for States and Cities

The House approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act on Friday and President Trump later signed the measure into law. But lawmakers said they expect to address the growing financial needs of local governments in a fourth bill.

California, New York Extend Mortgage Relief to Homeowners

Action taken by the states will temporarily halt foreclosure proceedings and allow residents to defer mortgage payments.

Coronavirus Is Slamming State Unemployment Systems

Funding is one concern, another is handling an unprecedented wave of claims.

Schools, Transit, Hospital Funding Included in Senate Coronavirus Bill

Senate leaders agreed on a package that includes $340 billion for relief efforts boosting schools, hospitals and state and local governments, as well as a $150 billion fund specifically to help states and localities fight the pandemic.

Move by Fed May Help Shore Up Short-Term Borrowing for States and Localities

The municipal bond market is experiencing a massive crunch as investors react to the coronavirus pandemic.

As Ridership and Revenues Plunge, Transit Agencies Seek Financial Aid

The coronavirus has far fewer people riding buses and trains. Tax revenues going towards transit are in line to take a hit as well.

States Ease Access to Unemployment As Claims Climb

Unemployment claims jumped 33% this week and are expected to climb much higher as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Coronavirus Threatens to Blow Big Holes in State Budgets

States are dealing with financial uncertainty as they spend to combat the virus, but also face the possibility of lost revenues as the disease puts a major drag on the economy.

Federal Government Floats Sending Americans Cash to Address Outbreak

The Trump administration is considering providing “business interruption payments” for American workers as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak continues.

The Coronavirus Recession Will Be Unusually Difficult to Fight

COMMENTARY | Consequences will linger even after the virus dissipates.

The College President Who Simply Won’t Raise Tuition

Mitch Daniels has frozen Purdue’s tuition—at less than $10,000—for seven straight years.

An Option for States and Localities Seeking to Save on Retiree Health Care Costs

A group highlights why shifting to individual Medicare marketplaces can make sense in some cases, and offers some tips on how to head in that direction.

Agriculture Secretary Tells Farmers Not to Count on Future Farm Trade Bailouts

President Trump previously signaled that more money to subsidize farmers for trade losses could be doled out.

State Lawmakers Face Uphill Battles as They Seek to Tax More Services

Maryland is the latest state to consider such a proposal. What many experts regard as “good tax policy” is often a tough political sell.

What’s Next for Fiscal Oversight in Philadelphia?

COMMENTARY | Experts and officials debate future of agency that has played key role since 1992.

Taxing Internet Ads Could Raise Lots of Money, but Doubts Persist

Maryland could be the first in the nation to tax online ads.

Thinking Beyond Taxpayer Dollars for Stadium Improvements

COMMENTARY | Municipalities are now significantly less likely to spend public dollars on new stadium development. Owners and public officials are finding different, mutually beneficial partnerships to generate revenue for stadium upgrades.