Looking at Bus Stop Improvements and Transit Ridership Impacts

While research is limited, one study found that “improved bus stops are associated with a statistically significant increase in overall ridership and a decrease in paratransit demand.”

Public Safety

Why Back-Up Battery Power for Garage Doors Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mich. governor hopes to end labor dispute … “green slime” surrounds ritzy Fla. community … and a new site for massive Minn. homeless camp.


Navigator Award Finalists: The Next Generation

Up-and-coming leaders are empowering women to pursue emergency management careers, building entrepreneurial skills among youth, housing citizens, saving lives, and just plain making government better.


A Grassroots Call to Ban Gerrymandering

Voters Not Politicians gathered an astounding 425,000 signatures in Michigan to secure a spot on the November ballot for a proposed constitutional amendment creating a citizens’ commission for redistricting.

Public Safety

Will California Make It Harder for Police to Use Deadly Force?

A change in standards could be copied by other states, but has not yet gained enough traction in the state legislature.

Health & Human Services

Most Hospital ERs Won’t Treat Your Addiction. These Will.

In most places across the country, opioid addicts can't get addiction medication in ERs. But some have started to do things differently.

Smart Cities

The Interstate Corridors Most Primed for Autonomous Trucks

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Massachusetts State Police indictments … Boise’s renewable energy goal … and Vermont EMT apprenticeships.


Revitalize Your City By Helping Retrain Workers

COMMENTARY | Leaders need to focus on cultivating and supporting startup growth, while also helping people get the skills to work in new environments.


Drop in Mexican-Born Immigrants Attributed to Hostility Here, Opportunity There

The number of U.S. residents—legal and undocumented—born in Mexico has dropped slowly since a peak of 11.7 million before the Great Recession, to 11.3 million in 2017, but the decline of 300,000 between 2016 and 2017 is rare.

Public Safety

Making Rescue Volunteers Part of the Official Response

A rescue website developed during Hurricane Harvey—and in use again during Hurricane Florence—wants to work more directly with local governments.


Deficit Laden Federal Finances Stir Uncertainty for Future State Aid

Low Federal Reserve interest rates are a concern as well when it comes to how the nation will respond to the next recession.

Tech & Data

Predicting Obesity From a City's Infrastructure

An artificial intelligence algorithm found a correlation between green space and obesity in several cities.


Pentagon Declares War on Scooters

After seven rental scooters were abandoned at the Pentagon following this year’s September 11 remembrances, police say they will begin impounding the unauthorized rides. Bikes, too.


A N.C. City’s Last-Ditch Effort to Fill 5,000 Sand Bags in 5 Hours

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Michigan mayor wants state of emergency for traffic … Bay Area workers living in RVs get designated parking … and a Texas mayor kills alligator with one shot.

Tech & Data

Navigator Award Finalists: The Tech Innovators

Route Fifty's Tech Innovator Navigator Award finalists is an impressive group that is revolutionizing how communities handle everything from sewage to voting. We're excited to share the efforts of this impressive class of technologists with our readers.

Smart Cities

Introducing Resident-Centered Autonomous Vehicle Pilots

The Knight Foundation aims to take projects out of the hands of car companies in five cities.


During Hurricanes, Solar Proves to Be Resilient

During Hurricane Florence, as in past storms, solar-power installations fared well.


Towns Pick Up the Tab for U.S. Forest Service Staff

Some town governments in Colorado's mountains are setting aside money to pay for U.S. Forest Service employees, hoping the extra staff can better maintain national forests that are crowded with tourists each summer.