Keep Calm and Tweet On: Using Social Media Effectively in a Pandemic

COMMENTARY | In the social media era, government has never faced a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are the principles that communication officials should consider in order to effectively communicate via social during a crisis.

This Summer Will Scar Young Americans for Life

With jobs and internships canceled, Generation Z is entering a summer of uncertainty—and the damage could last forever.

Jury Trials Begin Again, Carefully

Jury trials require assembling a pool of potentially hundreds of people at a time in enclosed spaces, where it can be difficult to follow the social distancing and crowd control guidelines.

Women Disproportionately Losing Their Jobs During Coronavirus Downturn

Women of color, single mothers, and women over the age of 55 have been particularly hard hit.

Antibody Tests Were Hailed As Way To End Lockdowns. Instead, They Cause Confusion.

Some communities considered community antibody testing as a way out of lockdown. But they've pulled back as they realized antibody testing is the Wild West in an oversight vacuum.

Americans Aren’t Getting the Advice They Need

COMMENTARY | As people start reopening their lives, they’re hearing little practical guidance about the dilemmas they encounter.

Proposal Would Require Full Refunds for Student Travel Trips Canceled Due to Covid-19

Legislation in Massachusetts would expand consumer protection laws to require full refunds for student trips that are canceled due to "a declaration of emergency."

Trump’s Food Aid Program Gives Little Funding to the Northeast, Where Coronavirus Hit Hardest

New York and New England have the most COVID-19 cases but received the second-lowest funding of any region. Maine can’t get any shipments because none of the selected contractors serve the state.

Despite Reopening Efforts, Many Americans Are Fearful to Resume Normal Life

Recent polling on people’s willingness to do activities from flying to shopping shows that just because businesses are reopened doesn’t mean people are ready to venture out to them.

We’ll Be Wearing Things on Our Faces for a Long Time

You can choose between a mask and a face shield, but you can’t choose nothing.

COVID-19 Is Crushing Black Communities. Some States Are Paying Attention.

Black Americans are much more likely than whites to die of COVID-19.

A Significant Share of Teachers Say They Won’t Return to In-Person Classes if Schools Reopen This Fall

New polling shows both parents and teachers are wary of returning to normal in fall, with almost one in five teachers saying they would leave their job if asked to return to the classroom with students.

How Redlining Decades Ago Set Communities Up for Greater Coronavirus Risk

COMMENTARY | The Valverde neighborhood in Denver—which was once redlined—had the city's highest Covid-19 hospitalization rate.

Florida Can't Stop Ex-Felons From Voting If They Can't Pay Fines, Judge Rules

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Virginia's governor caught in crowds without mask ... North Dakota governor tearfully pleads for masks not to be partisan ... County fairs could go on in Nebraska.

In Hard-Hit New Jersey, COVID-19 Saddles Some Small Health Departments With Crushing Workload

Secretaries are working as contact tracers. The person normally in charge of pet shops and tattoo parlors is monitoring nursing homes. And as the state reopens, workers worry duties will increase.

Weeding Out Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Just Became More Difficult

Millions of out-of-work Americans are filing for unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic and fraudsters are using the unprecedented crush of filings to take advantage.

The States With the Worst Job Losses

Labor Department data released on Friday shows the states with the highest unemployment rates in April, and how many jobs were lost that month as the coronavirus upended the economy.

The Forgotten Governor’s Race

The pandemic has silenced the campaign to lead North Carolina, a major presidential swing state.

Businesses Hoping to Reopen Join the Scramble for PPE

Some states, counties and nonprofits have launched efforts to help businesses find and buy protective equipment.

Wedding Planner, Caterer, 'Brand Builder': Trump’s Food Aid Program Is Paying $100+ Million to Unlicensed Dealers

Contractors with no experience in food distribution are looking for suppliers on Facebook while some food banks scramble to find desperately needed deliveries.