Virginia’s Flood Mitigation Program Needs Funding

COMMENTARY | Communities lack resources to prepare for more common and costly flood events.

A Proposal to Treat Icy Winter Roads with Beet Juice

Lawmakers in Michigan want the Department of Transportation to study the feasibility of adding beet juice to road salt to treat icy roads in the winter.

For a City That Didn’t Burn, Challenges Continue a Year After California’s Most Destructive Wildfire

Officials say the city of Chico is strained by the influx of newcomers displaced by last year’s Camp Fire—but as a place untouched by wildfires, they aren't eligible for emergency funds to help with the sudden population growth.

This State Pays to Help Asylum-Seekers Avoid Deportation

In immigration court, a lawyer makes deportation much less likely.

Another State Moves to Eliminate Seasonal Time Changes

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Gun magazine sales loophole in Colorado … Mold in election commission office in Arkansas … Report shows Massachusetts leadership lacks diversity.

Truckers Challenge ‘Gig Worker’ Law With Lawsuit

They’re arguing that the landmark California legislation, meant to strengthen protections for workers, is preempted by federal law and shouldn’t apply to the trucking industry.

Using Social Media to Monitor Endangered Species Uncovers Surprising Information

Federal researchers used Instagram to collect information on human interactions with endangered monk seals and found that the posts contained data that was missing from traditional reports.

Conflict Between Lawmakers Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

New research focused on local government shows that elected officials who engage in arguments over policy are more effective at governing than those who agree on everything, or those who get in petty fights.

States Try Recruiting New Hunters

Hunting and fishing revenue provides nearly 60% of state wildlife agency budgets.

States Hold Onto Federal Dollars Meant for Needy Families

One state has $732 million not being spent to help needy families.

The Way America Votes Is Broken. In One Rural County, a Nonprofit Showed a Way Forward.

In Mississippi last week, a seamless performance by a new set of voting machines took place amid widespread anxiety about election integrity.

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State Attorneys General Take On National Fights

A new kind of state attorney general is rising to prominence nationwide.

Texas Will Use State Land for Homeless Camp

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Border mayors convene in San Diego … Virginia governor announces tech talent pipeline … Idaho governor asks state agencies to cut budgets.

In Most States, Child Marriage is Legal. Some Legislators Are Trying to Change That

Several state legislatures have pending bills that would set a mandatory minimum age of 18 for anyone to get married.

The Deferred Dream of an Equal Rights Amendment

Newly empowered Democrats are likely to make Virginia the final state needed to ratify the long-dormant ERA.

Farmers Struggle as Hemp Harvest Winds Down

Many hemp growers won’t make much money, and some might go bust.

What Role Can Manufactured Homes Play in Affordable Housing?

Members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs expressed support for a bill that would encourage state and local governments to consider manufactured homes as part of affordable housing strategies.

How Residents' Financial Health Can Affect City Budgets

Missed utility bills and services for the homeless can cost cities millions of dollars per year, experts said Thursday at the Urban Institute. One solution: Figure out how to help people improve their financial health.

To Influence Local Politics, Showing Up to Vote Isn’t Enough

New research focused on the political muscle of elderly voters shows that non-voting activities like community organizing and participating in advisory councils—and not just showing up at the polls—is crucial in setting the local government agenda.

How Communities Can Build Psychological Resilience to Disaster

As climate change makes disasters more severe, researchers say we can prepare by being informed, volunteering, and staying socially connected.