Governors Are Losing the Space to Govern

COMMENTARY | As the bulk of state spending shifts toward mandatory programs, experimentation is grinding to a halt in the laboratories of democracy.

Iowa Governor Blocks State From Joining Clean Energy Lawsuit Against Trump

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Texas governor forms domestic terrorism task force … Nevada creates Patient Protection Commission … Los Angeles city employees exposed to “trash and bodily fluids.”

State Rules 'Polygamy Porter' Unsuitable for Sale

North Carolina's alcohol board refused to allow the beer to be sold in the state because its label depicts polygamy, an illegal act.

Alaska Still Hasn’t Saved Its Universities

The governor agreed to halve his proposed budget cuts. But the school system still stands to lose $70 million.

The Innovations of the Creative Class Affect a Rural Area’s Fortunes

A new study measures innovation and shows that when found in rural areas, it is tied to significant presence of the creative class.

Georgia Can Use Current Voting System for 2019 Elections, Judge Rules

But the state will need to put a backup system in place for the 2020 presidential primaries in case new voting machines are not ready by March.

It’s Surprisingly Hard to Find Out How Rats Move Through Cities

COMMENTARY | To address rodent-related concerns, it’s useful to know how rats travel. Genetic testing might hold some answers.

A City Council Bans Construction of New Drive-Thrus

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Seattle City Council approves Green New Deal measure … Nevada completes largest infrastructure project in state history … Proposal in Ohio would remove permit requirement for concealed carry.

The School Districts Serving Free Lunch to All Students

Tapping into a federal program, more school districts are providing free lunches for all students. Atlanta is among those opting in this school year.

Congress Looks At Ways to Help Los Angeles With Homelessness Crisis

At a House Financial Committee hearing, members of Congress heard about possible local, state, and federal solutions.

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Tennessee Made It Harder to Register Voters. Activists Consider What’s Next.

In 2018, a statewide voter registration drive accumulated 91,000 applications.

New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Independent Redistricting Commission

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oregon governor supports tax returns release bill … Lawsuit over 911 operations in Cincinnati … Nebraska trains addiction specialists.

Recall Effort for Alaska Governor Collects Two-Thirds of Necessary Signatures in a Single Week

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Move over laws in Illinois and Oklahoma … Indiana town installs “turtle crossing” signs … Trump administration reauthorized “cyanide bombs” for pests.

Census Bureau Begins to Ramp Up Field Operations for 2020 Count

The bureau plans to send out thousands of workers to verify addresses in the weeks ahead.

Why the 2020 Census Matters for Rural Americans

COMMENTARY | People living in rural and small town America in particular have much at stake in the 2020 census. Unfortunately, census participation tends to be lower in rural areas.

State Preemption of Local Legislation Is Getting Worse

A new report shows that state legislatures have been expanding their reach in preempting cities from localized regulation on issues like gun control.

Portland Will Charge Annual Landlord Fee to Pay for Renter Services

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Rhode Island to add nonbinary gender option on state IDs … Seattle mayor proposes tax on home heating oil … Minnesota governor urges tariff relief for farmers.

Voters in One State to Decide on Allowing Affirmative Action

Washington in the 1990s restricted the practice by state government. That could soon change, depending on the results of an upcoming referendum.

In This City, Residents Can Search And Apply for Affordable Housing Online

San Francisco took a laborious paper process and transformed it into an easy-to-use online application system for open affordable housing spots.