Michigan DOT Launches App Version of Popular Traffic and Road Information Tool

Traffic and road conditions in Michigan are now available on the state's new app.

Traffic and road conditions in Michigan are now available on the state's new app. MDOT / YouTube


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Watch how Mi Drive connects drivers with the information they need to get around the state.

Back in 2007, the Michigan Department of Transportation launched an all-encompassing website called Mi Drive to host a variety of real-time traffic and travel information for important roadways in the state. Four years later, MDOT launched a mobile-friendly version of the website.

Now, as more and more states are developing and enhancing their digital tools for constituents, MDOT has launched a free app version of Mi Drive that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets.

“Motorists liked the mobile version of the Mi Drive site but what they really wanted was an app. Now we have one to offer to help keep Michigan motorists mobile, safe and informed,” Michigan Transportation Director Kirk Steudle said in MDOT’s app announcement on Wednesday.

He also urged drivers to “use this new app to check your route before leaving for your destination. We want everyone to remain safe and pay attention while they are driving."

In addition to real-time traffic information, rest area and carpool locations, traffic camera views and weather conditions, there’s also a feature for vehicle passengers—or drivers, if they are able to safely pull off the road—to report traffic problems, which are then relayed to state traffic-control personnel.

Watch how the app works ...