The Persistent Economic Advantage of America’s Suburbs

A new study finds that suburban neighborhoods outperform urban ones across the board.

Talking Border Security with a Border-Town Mayor

Dee Margo is the mayor of El Paso, Texas, who's sparred publicly with President Donald Trump on border security.

Counting Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Private groups try to fill gaps in official employment data.

A Push to Rework How Buildings Are Declared Historic

The legislation, proposed in Oregon, would implement a public process for historic designation and provide tax credits for rehab work.

Some Sunscreens May Kill Corals. Should They Be Banned?

Some scientists say there’s not enough data to limit sunscreen that may be harmful to corals.

Counties Push for Sustainable Public Lands Payment Programs

Local and federal officials argue two funding streams they count on are part of a “social safety net” for primarily rural, Western jurisdictions.

Is This The End of Recycling?

Americans are consuming more and more stuff. Now that other countries won’t take our papers and plastics, they’re ending up in the trash.

'Free College' Is Increasingly Popular—and Complicated for States

At least 15 states now cover two-year or four-year college tuition for some students.

The Importance of Looking Beyond Your Own Boundaries

Route Fifty’s executive editor shares insights covering state and local government day in and day out for nearly five years.

Workplace Theft Is on the Rise

As the line between work and home blurs, office supplies attract sticky fingers.

5 Ways Life Would Be Better If It Were Always Daylight Saving Time

Washington, California and Florida are mulling a permanent switch to DST. Proponents say that doing so could improve health, save energy and prevent crime.

Why Americans Might Never Notice Climate Change’s Hotter Weather

A person fretting about a “scorching” day might find the same temperature unremarkable within five years, a new study finds.

Agriculture Secretary Optimistic States Will Recover From Trade War

Sonny Perdue also called FCC broadband coverage maps “fake news,” saying his agency wants to get more accurate information from states.

If You Really Want an Open Dialog, Then Act Like It

It isn’t about pushing your ideas on others, it’s about drawing theirs out.

Time to Try Something New: Parliamentary State Government

COMMENTARY | If states truly are "laboratories of democracy," it is time one traded its legislature and governor for a parliament and prime minister.

The Persistent Employment Gap Among Disabled Americans

Employment levels for Americans with disabilities lag behind those of people without disabilities, research shows.

Rescue Network Sends Southern Puppies North

As states ban retail pet sales, more and more dog rescue groups are seeing adoption opportunities in sending unwanted puppies and dogs from southern animal shelters to northern ones.

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Counties From Purging Voters

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Flooding isolates Northern California cities … snowed-in Oregon town faces lengthy power outages … and boosting Alabama’s gas tax.

Federal Court Rejects State Worker Collective Bargaining Challenge

A childcare employee who brought the case tied her argument to last year's Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME.

Cities’ Progress Toward Carbon Neutrality Gets Tougher

Some, like Minneapolis, still rely heavily on polluting natural gas to heat buildings through frigid winters.