Inequality is Higher in Some States Because of Corporate Welfare

COMMENTARY | Corporate tax incentives serve to redistribute funds to the wealthy and reduce resources for broadly redistributive policies over the long run.

Local Elected Officials Lambast Book Publishers for Limiting Library Access to E-Books

Librarians have been boycotting one publishing company over restrictive new policies. Now more than 70 mayors and county executives are urging publishers to grant libraries better access to e-books.

Democrats Launch Inquiry Into Opportunity Zones Program

They’re focused on whether political interference by Trump administration officials played a role in the selection of a Nevada zone. Meanwhile, a senator has put forward a bill that would impose new transparency requirements.

Another Major City Adopts Ranked Choice Voting for Elections

New York will become the largest city in the country with ranked choice voting in some local elections after voters this week approved a ballot measure to adopt the system.

Kansas City Votes to Remove Martin Luther King Jr’s Name from Historic Street

Residents voted overwhelmingly to restore MLK Jr. Boulevard back to its original name, The Paseo.

Big Decisions from Voters: AirBnb Clamp Down in New Jersey, Budget Restrictions Stay in Colorado and More

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Democrats win in Virginia, claim victory in Kentucky … Election firsts for minority candidates … California seizes $1.5 billion worth of marijuana.

Many States Now Require Anti-Bullying Training That Includes a Focus on LGBTQ Students

COMMENTARY | 21 states explicitly prohibit bullying on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Apple Pledges to Spend $2.5 Billion on Affordable Housing in California

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida debuts new healthcare website … Minnesota will not ban lead ammunition and fishing tackle … Seattle launches non-emergency help line.

There Could Be Millions More Americans Living in Poverty Than Officially Reported

New research suggests poverty statistics do not fully account for how price inflation differs for the rich and poor.

Voting in Local Elections Matters. This Is What Cities Can Do.

COMMENTARY | Cities need to work at encouraging voter turnout for local elections. Even small increases in participation can transform the political landscape.

Off-Year Elections Test Democrats’ Strength in the South

Three governorships and control of a critical statehouse are up for grabs.

A City Votes on Whether to Undo Naming of MLK Jr. Blvd

Months after Kansas City lawmakers voted to rename a historic boulevard for Dr. Martin Luther King, voters will decide whether to restore the roadway’s original name.

States Try to Ferret Out Unnamed Landlords

New York now requires LLCs that own residential properties to name the investors.

The Mississippi Governor’s Race Is Taking Place Under Jim Crow-Era Rules

COMMENTARY | Mississippi is facing its first close gubernatorial election since 1999.

Keystone Pipeline Leaks 383,000 Gallons of Oil in North Dakota

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Michigan legislators block regulations of new cancer treatment … Connecticut legislators call for special session on voter registration … New Jersey governor signs climate resiliency plan.

How Hundreds of Cities Have Simplified Solar

More than 300 municipalities have received designations from SolSmart, a national program that helps streamline permitting and zoning processes to make solar easier to obtain for residents and businesses.

Urban and Suburban Lifestyles Are More Similar Than You’d Think

A new study finds strong similarities in how residents of U.S. cities and suburbs spend their time—with one, counterintuitive difference.

Citizenship Question Would Not Have Lowered Census Response, Test Finds

A test the Census Bureau conducted this summer found that people who were asked whether or not they are U.S. citizens were not significantly deterred from answering the survey.

Women Still Underrepresented in Elected Office at All Levels of Government, Report Says

Despite record numbers of women serving in Congress, women remain a minority at the local, state and federal levels of government, according to data released this week.

California Is Becoming Unlivable

The state is plagued by two major issues: wildfires and a lack of affordable housing. Each problem exacerbates the other.