States Postpone Elections, Explore Options for Mail-In Voting

Traditional polling places could be hazardous during a time when people are supposed to keep their distance from one another. But one expert says many states won’t be able to swiftly transition to mail-in systems.

New York and California Governors Order Most People to Stay Home

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York orders all non-essential businesses to close and workers to stay home, the day after California imposed "shelter in place" across the state ... Florida counties closing beaches, while governor resists issuing order ... Wastewater administrators ask people to stop flushing wipes.

Crowdsourcing to Fight a Pandemic

COMMENTARY | Cities are rapidly sharing ideas to identify which actions work best to protect residents hardest hit by the coronavirus.

Vermont and Minnesota Now Recognize Grocery Employees as Emergency Workers

Minnesota and Vermont declared some food workers "essential personnel," giving them access to child care during working hours.

Governments Look to Convert Empty College Dorms Into Temporary Medical Centers

Faced with an expected shortage of hospital beds, state and local officials believe one solution could be found on college campuses.

Close the Churches

COMMENTARY | State and local shutdown orders shouldn’t exempt religious gatherings, and those communities should comply.

In the Age of Social Distancing, Government Meetings Go Virtual

State and local governments are holding virtual meetings to slow the spread of Covid-19 and trying to find ways to continue public participation.

Census Bureau Adapts to Coronavirus Outbreak

The bureau is postponing some mobile help sessions with the 2020 census questionnaire.

Cities, States Halt Evictions During Coronavirus Pandemic

Growing numbers of cities and states are pausing evictions to help workers who've lost income during the coronavirus outbreak.

Social Distancing Comes with Social Side Effects—Here’s How to Stay Connected

COMMENTARY | Physically isolating yourself can feel psychologically isolating too. But there are ways to maintain connections in these crazy coronavirus times.

Ohio Orders Polls Closed, While Others Hold Election Primaries Amid Outbreak

After a judge denied Ohio’s request to postpone the state’s primary elections, the governor announced an emergency order to close polls on Tuesday. Arizona, Florida and Illinois are taking extra precautions to keep voters safe at the polls amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Pandemic Reminds Us Why Governors Still Matter

COMMENTARY | Governors across the United States have taken a proactive, hands-on response to the coronavirus pandemic.

State AGs Crack Down on Coronavirus Scams

The National Association of Attorneys General has set up a website for consumers to file complaints with each state attorney general’s office.

Wyoming Makes It Easier to Sell Homemade Food

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Judge rules South Carolina ban on LGBTQ sex education unconstitutional … Florida may preempt local sunscreen bans … D.C. bans ‘ghost guns.’

How ‘Ghosting’ Afflicts Public Sector Recruitment

COMMENTARY | Too often, that perfect candidate just disappears.

House Passes Coronavirus Package with White House Support

The House overwhelmingly passed the legislation early Saturday morning, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi negotiated with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Louisiana to Delay Presidential Primaries Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The move will make the state the first in the nation to delay elections as a result of the outbreak.

Coronavirus and Tourism: Places like Alaska Without a Covid-19 Outbreak Could Still Be Devastated

As a result of government warnings and general fears, tourism and travel are expected to plunge in the coming weeks and months, particularly on cruise ships.

Oregon Governor Signs Executive Order on Climate Change After Republican Walkout

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Washington legislature approves expanded tax exemptions for tribes … Pharmacists in Florida will be able to treat the flu … Mobile barbershops made legal in Iowa.

The Chaos Coming for the U.S. Election

COMMENTARY | The Supreme Court will soon hear two cases that could upend the entire Electoral College system just months before voters go to the polls.