Court Hears Case Over Ban on Secret Recordings of Public Officials

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Voter photo ID law proposed in Kentucky … Maryland governor wants to sue Pennsylvania over environmental concerns in Chesapeake Bay … Fight over vacant house in Oakland.

Investigating Illegal Elk Poaching

Five elk were poached from mid-November to mid-December in Michigan, the most ever illegally killed in one month.

Equal Rights Amendment Clears First Step in Virginia, as Trump Administration Declares Effort Dead

A Justice Department opinion issued this week says the deadline for ratification has passed. Advocates say otherwise.

Children of Color Already Make Up the Majority of Kids in Many U.S. States

COMMENTARY | Between 2010 and 2018, the number of white children fell by 2.8 million, or 7.1%. In contrast, nonwhite children grew by 6.1%.

California to Open Vacant State Lands for Homeless Shelters

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Arizona legislators want to stop the sale of private land to the federal government … Boston mayor announces fund for housing construction … Kentucky attorney general promises movement on child abuse cases.

A Proposal to Protect Referees From Angry Parents

A Wisconsin lawmaker, who is also a youth umpire, wants to increase penalties for harassing or intimidating sports officials, a move he hopes will improve recruitment and retention in the field of athletics.

California Legislature Considers $4.2 Billion Bond to Prepare for Climate Change

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois won’t help municipalities collect red-light camera ticket fines anymore … Bill in Pennsylvania would shrink the legislature … Virginia governor backs bill to make election day a holiday.

Unemployment Pushes More Men to Take on Female-Dominated Jobs

COMMENTARY | Men who work in female-dominated fields tend to get more prestige and higher wages.

Foster Care Adoptions Reach Record High

The most recent data shows an increase of nearly 25% from fiscal 2014 to 2018.

Alabama Lawmaker Urges Expansion of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law to Churches

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York governor announces $45 million to fight hate crimes … Memphis mayor announces ‘public service corps’ … Protestors make demands for greater homelessness resources in Salt Lake City.

Ensuring That People Can Easily Understand the Ballot Measures They’re Voting On

A Maryland bill would set new guidelines for describing proposals put on the ballot in plain language.

An Airport Fully Embraces 'Terminal Tourism'

Non-ticketed visitors can accompany loved ones to their gates at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the latest to establish a pass program to allow non-passengers past security.

A State Restarts Its Electric Vehicle Rebates

Massachusetts extended its rebate program through at least 2021 after legislators provided funding for the program in the most recent budget.

New York City Mayor Vows to Increase Police Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Oklahoma tribes file suit over casino contracts … Baltimore law barring “gag orders” of police settlements goes into effect … Illinois lieutenant governor buys mariijuana on first day weed is legal.

Tariffs Drove Manufacturing Job Losses, Fed Report Says

President Trump said that tariffs would boost U.S. manufacturing. New research found, so far, that isn’t the case.

America’s Love Affair with Single-Family Housing Is Cooling, but It Won’t Be a Quick Breakup

COMMENTARY | In the past year, Minneapolis and the state of Oregon have voted to allow multi-unit housing in neighborhoods where currently only single-family homes are allowed.

Why Opioids Are ‘An Everything Problem’

New research supports the idea that economic distress sparked the opioid epidemic. But others say the true causes are far more complicated.

Confucius Has a Message for Leaders Who Want to Succeed: Reflect

COMMENTARY | The ancient Chinese teacher called reflection the best way to become wise, yet we rarely consider it a core trait of a great leader. It's time for that to change.

These Are The Most Highly Regulated Housing Markets

A new study finds that a number of coastal metropolitan areas have some of the most stringent guidelines for residential development.

In “Cancer Alley,” Toxic Polluters Face Little Oversight From Environmental Regulators

Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality has been accused of protecting the chemical industry it regulates. The agency is facing cutbacks as new plants are slated for communities that already have some of the country’s most toxic air.