Birmingham Mayor Makes Giant Leap Into His City

He’s not the first city hall leader make such an aerial arrival.

Alabama to Enact CHIP Enrollment Freeze in Two Weeks

The state has also announced that it will be forced to terminate coverage altogether on Feb. 1 if Congress fails to act.

How Alabama's Election Laws Keep Moore on the Ballot

After multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment of minors against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, a complicated set of elections laws and rules is being used to keep his hat in the ring.

Local Officials Want to Remove Confederate Monuments—but States Won't Let Them

Laws preventing the removal of statues raise questions not only about historical legacy but also about local control and public safety.

A Mental-Health Crisis in Alabama’s Prisons

In a 302-page opinion, a federal judge in Montgomery condemned the dire conditions faced by prisoners with mental illnesses.

Facing Impeachment, Alabama's 'Luv Guv' Resigns

The proximate cause of Robert Bentley’s downfall was not sexual misconduct itself. It was another instance of the coverup being always worse than the crime.

Bad Odor Wafts Over Mobile, Alabama

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Alabama’s Judicial Override Law for Executions; Virginia’s Lackluster State Worker Salaries

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Tacoma’s new rules for all-night massage parlors; increasing costs for Salt Lake City airport upgrades; and a N.C. county official reconsiders her resignation.

N.J. State Takeover of Atlantic City; Wildfires in Southeast States Cause Hazy Conditions

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Alabama’s Top Lawmakers Face Off in Court; Will Kansas Schools Stay Closed?

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Alabama’s New Food Stamp Work Rules; Multiple Agencies Blamed for Fatal D.C. Metrorail Smoke Incident

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: North Dakota budget to undergo historic budget downsizing; Tennessee concealed carry on public colleges; and Los Angeles eyes key river real estate.

Lawmakers Move to Initiate Impeachment Process for Alabama’s Governor

Scandal-plagued Gov. Robert Bentley accused state Rep. Ed Henry, and other House lawmakers backing the impeachment resolution of playing politics.

The Money in Recycling Has Vanished; What Do States, Cities Do Now?

A drop in global commodity prices is forcing states and cities to re-examine their recycling programs and goals.

Justice Department Offers Guidance on When Court Fines and Fees Might Violate Constitution

But one reform advocate notes: “Unless the DOJ actually sues some of these places, I don’t think we’re going to see a significant change in the practices on the ground.”

A New Google Fiber Model Will Take Shape in Huntsville

Instead of building a new network from scratch, a different approach will be used in the northern Alabama city.

Data Reveal Progress on Online Voter Registration in These States

Here's how states are trying to maximize efficiency for election officials and facilitate the registration process for voters.

Mayor vs. Councilmember in Ala. City Hall Brawl; D.C. Boosts Some Traffic Fines in Big Ways

Also: Remote Alaskan school doesn’t meet enrollment minimum and Tussock moths ruin Christmas tradition in Colorado.

There’s Another Big Problem With Alabama’s Sweeping DMV Closures

Critics say the move will prevent black residents from getting voting ID documents. But the impacts will have other consequences.