‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are Working in the Trump Era, But at a Surprising Cost

Federal immigration officials say that in sanctuary cities, they have little choice but to carry out enforcement activities in neighborhoods and other community locations, even though it is not an efficient use of their time or resources.

‘We’re Not Disbanding the Police Department’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A penny-per-pill opioid fee proposal; more waste-storage eyed for Detroit; a new plan to close Rikers Island in N.Y.C.; and Utah shows off its new connected vehicle corridor.

The Baltimore Police Department Is Badly Broken

This week a detective gave stunning testimony about abuses by the city’s gun-trace task force and an officer was charged with fabricating evidence.

Here’s Why The House Tax Bill Is ‘Devastating to Economic Development at the State and Local Levels’

Developing Port Covington in Baltimore shows the power of public-private partnerships; there is no reason we should be taking financing options off the table.

Cities Enlist ‘Doulas’ to Reduce Infant Mortality

Research suggests that doula-assisted mothers are less likely to deliver babies with low birth weights or birth complications, and more likely to breast-feed their infants.

Baltimore Mayor’s Advice for Removing Confederate Monuments: ‘Do It Quietly and Quickly’

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Health disparities in Houston; Michigan state worker retirees worry about public records request; and Milwaukee builds notable water tech sector.

What 3 U.S. Mayors Think Cities Will Be Like in 2030

The mayors of Baltimore, Boston and Denver weighed in on major issues their cities are facing at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 85th annual meeting.

When Cities Fought the Feds Over Apartheid

In 1986, the city of Baltimore battled the Reagan administration over its local anti-apartheid ordinances—and won. How they prevailed may have important lessons for cities trying to resist Trump today.

Visualizing Baltimore’s Food Deserts

By identifying where food access is poor, government agencies and nonprofits can better allocate resources.

Feds Tell Judge They Have ‘Grave Concerns’ With Baltimore Police Consent Decree

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Rural Texas lawmakers target bullet train; agency criticized for not spending money quickly enough; Newark mayor calls ICE deputization efforts “unconstitutional and un-American.”

Trump Administration Reviewing Federal Police Reform Agreements With Cities

The U.S. attorney general appears to be testing the waters on a rollback of Obama-era consent decrees and law enforcement civil rights accountability and training.

Trump Budget Would ‘Erode’ State and Local Emergency Preparedness and Response

Baltimore’s mayor, along with state and local emergency managers and first responders, didn’t hesitate to speak out against trading disaster mitigation funding for a border wall.

How Cash Bail Keeps the Poor in Jail

Inability to pay bail is often the only reason a pretrial defendant stays behind bars.

Baltimore Police Agree to Stop Abusing Their Power

Under a consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice, the troubled force will employ a variety of measures to protect constitutional rights and correct racial disparities.

It's Official: Racist Police Practices Are Endemic in Baltimore

A U.S. Department of Justice audit of the city's police department shows a disturbing culture of racism among the force.

The End of the Freddie Gray Prosecutions: No Convictions

Prosecutors on Wednesday dropped charges against three police officers, meaning no one will face criminal penalties in the April 2015 death of the Baltimore man.

Millennials Bring New Life to Some Rust Belt Cities

Young college graduates are stemming population losses and transforming old neighborhoods in some Rust Belt cities.

The First Verdict in the Freddie Gray Case

Police officer Edward Nero has been acquitted of all four charges against him.

Baltimore’s ‘Strong Mayor’ Survives Tight Votes; Seattle Adopts Adaptable Traffic System

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Philly’s parks make Google Street View first; Louisiana parishes fear they’ll lose millions of dollars; and Massachusetts needs new emissions limits.