Budget Planning

How Local Governments Navigate Covid-19 Budget Shortfalls

COMMENTARY | Local governments can counter new budget challenges by finding sources of untapped revenue.

Cities Delay Infrastructure Projects Amid Covid-19 Budget Uncertainty

A survey by the National League of Cities Found that more than 700 cities are cancelling or delaying infrastructure projects because of budget shortfalls caused by the pandemic.

San Francisco Voters to Decide on Taxing Companies With Outsized Executive Pay

Local elected leaders are sending the tax plan to the ballot, citing concerns about equity and the large hole that the coronavirus has blown in the city's budget.

A Governor Proposes Furlough Days, Some Layoffs to Help Balance Budget

Nevada is looking for ways to bridge a massive revenue shortfall brought on by the coronavirus.

Municipal Workers in One City Unite to Call for Higher Taxes Instead of Layoffs

The effort in Philadelphia involves both union and non-union employees and comes as city elected leaders are trying to solve a budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

State and Local Public Workforce Hit With Thousands More Job Losses

The downbeat figures came as the unemployment rate overall showed signs of improvement in May after skyrocketing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Virus Casts Uncertainty Over City Budget and Economic Development in a Health Care Hub

Like other localities, the coronavirus has Rochester, Minnesota facing questions about both its financial outlook and future economic growth.

Protesters Demand Defunding and Demilitarization of Police

In cities across the country, protest organizers say they want less money from local government budgets going to the police.

Smaller Cities Left Waiting on Coronavirus Aid Money

“The challenge for 97% of America's cities is that we haven't received any funding yet,” says one mayor.

Medicaid Rolls and Costs Poised to Grow as Job Losses Mount

New estimates indicate that upwards of 12 million more people could become eligible for the program after losing health insurance they had through their workplace.

White House Open to Loosening Rules for State and Local Aid Funds, Mnuchin Says

The Treasury Secretary also clashed with Sen. Sherrod Brown over how well-prepared the nation is currently to limit coronavirus risks as the economy begins to reopen.

Colorado Groups Push for Tax Hike on Higher Earners to Help With Budget Shortfall

The temporary income tax increase they’re supporting would apply to households making upwards of $250,000 per year. The state, like others, is facing budget pressures tied to the coronavirus outbreak.

Cutbacks in a Crisis: Seven Ways to Do It Right

COMMENTARY | Strategic cutback management is an approach that can help address the Covid-19 budgetary impact and lay the groundwork for more effective government.

‘Double Whammy’: Oil Crash Adds to Virus Budget Woes in Some States

Alaska is dealing with some especially tough financial issues. In Louisiana, one lawmaker says: "It's just kind of the perfect storm with the coronavirus and the collapse of oil and gas."

Federal Aid Critical for Closing West Virginia Budget Gap, Republican Governor Says

State revenues are lagging by about $200 million. Without enough federal funds to help bridge that shortfall, Gov. Jim Justice warns “you're going to have a bankrupt state.”

A Budget Shortfall Estimate for States Grows Even Worse

Updated figures from a think-tank found that the hit to state finances will be worse than the Great Recession.

Pelosi Raises Possibility of Local Funding On Top of $500 Billion for States

The House speaker’s comments come amid partisan sparring over how far the federal government should go to help states and localities facing big revenue shortfalls due to the coronavirus.

Fed Expands Lending Program to Include More Counties and Cities

New guidelines for the initiative lower the population threshold for local governments to qualify, and allow for short-term debt to be repaid over a lengthier 36-month timeframe.

McConnell’s State Bankruptcy Remarks Signal Growing Tension Over Federal Aid

The Senate majority leader is voicing reluctance about moving quickly to fork over more federal dollars to states as they deal with budget shocks from the coronavirus outbreak.

Chances Dim For State and Local Aid in Pending Virus Relief Deal

While President Trump has indicated some support to bolster struggling state and local governments, he has said it can wait until the next coronavirus aid package.