Tear Gas Bans: A Policing Change Not Gaining Traction

At least 100 agencies used forms of tear gas on people in the past two months.

One County Offers Universal Basic Income to Former Foster Youth

Santa Clara County in California launched the nation’s first UBI program specifically aimed at giving a boost to young adults who are transitioning out of foster care.

In California, State Lawmakers Propose $100 Billion Stimulus Plan

The proposal calls for offsetting reduced federal unemployment benefits and a program to incentivize early tax payments.

A Government-University Partnership to Train Students as Contact Tracers

Students at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, can learn to be contact tracers and get on-the-job training in pandemic response with the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services.

California Child Care Providers Struggling, With Some on the Financial Brink

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Missouri AG intervenes in local gun case … New York Assembly passes bill to protect undocumented immigrants … Shooting in Chicago leaves 15 wounded.

As Coronavirus Patients Skew Younger, Tracing Task Seems All But Impossible

People showing up at ERs often now say they have "no idea" where they picked up the disease, while contact tracers report that younger people are less likely to pick up the phone.

How One City Went Virtual In 30 Days

The southern California city of El Cajon moved to paperless permitting in just under a month, a project that had originally been expected to take a year.

California School Districts Grope for Sensible Reopening Plans

School districts are grinding forward amid the chaos of conflicting information, weighing the push and pull of opinions from parents, teachers and staff, as well as political leaders.

It Can Be Difficult to Revoke a Police Officer's License. Some States Are Trying to Make it Easier.

Nearly all states require police officers to be certified, but not every state has a process for revoking that license, even in the face of egregious misconduct.

San Francisco Lawmaker Introduces ‘CAREN Act’ to Stop Racially-Biased 911 Calls

The Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act would create penalties for those who make false emergency reports.

A Blueprint for How State Leaders Can Achieve Better Results

COMMENTARY | Data and evidence can help state policymakers make thoughtful decisions on public health, economics, equity and other issues.

Golden State Killer Pleads Guilty to 'Simply Staggering' Crimes that Terrified California Communities

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Houston prosecutor resigns over Facebook post … Protesters call for St. Louis mayor to resign … Bars to close in some California jurisdictions.

As Covid Cases Spike, California Shifts Its Strategy

Counties across the state are toppling records and, overall, California recorded a single-day high of 7,149 new COVID cases Tuesday.

California Lawmakers Block Health Care Cuts

To address the estimated $54 billion deficit in the 2020-21 state budget, the deal relies partly on drawing down state cash reserves and rainy day funds.

California Taps Libraries and Tax Offices To Recruit 20,000 New Disease Detectives

While libraries are closed, dozens of librarians are training to become contact tracers.

At A Time Of Great Need, Public Health Lacks ‘Lobbying Muscle’

California will need to make painful decisions with its state budget. That will make lobbying for increased public health funding even more difficult.

New Coronavirus Hot Spots Emerge Across South And In California, As Northeast Slows

The U.S. is still seeing roughly 20,000 new cases a day.

Did Curfews Work? Cities Begin to Roll Back Restrictions

Police say curfews helped quell violence as they begin to lift restrictions, but civil liberties advocates say that they are actually used to stop peaceful protests.

California AG Seeks More Power To Battle Merger-Hungry Health Care Chains

Now that COVID-19 has slammed the health care industry, especially the small practices that are barely seeing patients, California is likely to see a lot of health care system mergers.

‘Why Do We Always Get Hit First?’ Proposed Budget Cuts Target Vulnerable Californians

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed sweeping budget cuts to safety-net health care programs just as enrollment is projected to spike because of record job losses related to the pandemic.