Will California Make It Harder for Police to Use Deadly Force?

A change in standards could be copied by other states, but has not yet gained enough traction in the state legislature.

Drop in Mexican-Born Immigrants Attributed to Hostility Here, Opportunity There

The number of U.S. residents—legal and undocumented—born in Mexico has dropped slowly since a peak of 11.7 million before the Great Recession, to 11.3 million in 2017, but the decline of 300,000 between 2016 and 2017 is rare.

As Drivers Face Stronger ID Rules, States DMVs See Customer Onslaught

A common message in many states: ‘Save a trip, skip the line and renew online.’

California’s Record on Climate Change Is a Stark Rebuttal to Trump

Governor Jerry Brown is pushing the boundaries of what a single state can do to combat the threat, which grows more tangible with each record wildfire and hurricane.

California Legislation Would Mandate List of Quake-Vulnerable Buildings

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | School districts still scrambling for bus drivers … Mich. county removes massive “fatberg” from sewer … and a Fla. city OKs a ban on lawn fertilizer.

Can Ammo Control Curb 3D-Guns?

Starting in July 2019, California will require retailers to conduct background checks on people buying ammunition.

Take Two Carrots and Call Me in the Morning

In California, a large-scale pilot program will test the concept of "food is medicine" with a thousand patients who have congestive heart failure.

California Just Replaced Cash Bail With Algorithms

Starting in October 2019, an algorithm will grade pretrial defendants to guide whether they should be released before trial.

San Francisco Just Showed Scooter Startups It Won’t Tolerate Bad Behavior

The scooter wars are an embodiment of the “ask for forgiveness, rather than permission” mantra.

A Crackdown on Illegal Marijuana Farms in Public Forests

In California, officials have destroyed thousands of the illegal pot plants they say Mexican cartels were growing on public land.

Verizon Faces Heat Following Fire Department’s Data ‘Throttling’ During Blazes

Emails describe wireless speeds so slow there was “no meaningful functionality,” raising questions as the company attempts to compete for first responders’ business.

Could California Set Quotas For Women On Corporate Boards?

Legislation under consideration in California would require publicly traded companies based in the state to put women on their boards.

Contract Recommendation Prompts ‘Day Without Scooters’ in Santa Monica

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Albuquerque mayor goes undercover ... Mass. city’s missing parking meter money … and Neb. uses fentanyl in an execution.

Russia Doesn’t Need to Change Votes—Just Sow Confusion

The confusion in June primary elections in Maryland and California—caused by computer glitches and human error—show what could happen if foreign adversaries successfully hack voter registration information, experts say.

How California Is Improving Cyber Threat Information Sharing

The state wants to add every city and county government to its automated threat feed program in the next three to four years.

Preparing for the Inevitability of the Next Recession

Some states and localities are more ready to deal with an economic downturn than others.

Caught in a Disaster? Your Rescuer Might Be an Amateur

CERT volunteers have played a prominent role in responding to California wildfires in recent years.

Can Philanthropy Save a City?

In California, the cash-strapped city of Stockton is hoping so, courting millions of dollars from private investors to solve a whole host of social problems.