Tightening Requirements for Vaccine Exemptions

Under a new law in California, state public health officials will have final authority over the validity of children's medical exemptions for vaccinations.

‘It's All Up in The Air’: California’s Gig Worker Bill Promises Big Shifts for Truckers

What the bill will mean for Uber and Lyft has drawn attention. But the trucking industry is bracing for changes as well.

'Gravely Disabled' Homeless Forced Into Mental Health Care in More States

Nearly a third of U.S. homeless people are living with serious, untreated mental illness.

Take Down That Dam: River Ecosystems Bounce Back As Removals Soar

In rivers big and small, migratory fish surge back to life as old energy structures are taken down.

State Legislation Setting Strict ‘Gig’ Worker Rules Nears Passage

The requirements in the California bill are drawing the ire of tech companies like Uber and Lyft.

Hospital Closures in Rural Areas Linked With Uptick in Inpatient Deaths, Study Finds

New research focused on California finds that hospital closures in urban areas didn’t have the same effect.

Controlling Mosquito Populations by Releasing Mosquitoes

Los Angeles County officials are hoping to replicate a successful pilot program that mated sterile male mosquitoes with biting females, leading to a reduction in the overall population.

In These States, (Almost) Anyone But Lawmakers Can Do Redistricting

California pioneered the practice of creating an independent commission to draw new district maps. Every ten years, anyone in the state can apply for the job, except legislators and those who work with them.

As States Strive To Stabilize Insurance Marketplaces, Insurers Return

Experts say that insurers re-entering state marketplace is a sign that the marketplaces are becoming more robust and less risky for insurers, despite ongoing political and legal battles over the ACA.

A Mayor Proposes That Gun Owners Carry Insurance For Their Weapons

The proposal from San Jose, California Mayor Sam Liccardo veers into complicated terrain, where past efforts have failed.

Facial Recognition Software Incorrectly Flags 26 State Lawmakers as Criminals, ACLU Says

One California lawmaker said a recent test of Amazon's technology is proof that it should be kept from body-worn police cameras. The company says the testing method used by the ACLU wasn't fair.

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The New West: Smoke In The Sky, A Purifier At Home

Amid forecasts for increasingly unhealthy air due to wildfire smoke, residents in Western states are snatching up home air purifiers. With good reason.

Ensuring That Disaster Planning Considers People With Disabilities

A California state official describes a “cultural shift” he’s seen in recent years.

The NIMBY Principle

The advocacy group Livable California has led the resistance to the state’s biggest housing proposals. What's their appeal for “local control” really about?

A City Seeks to Create a Unique Asset in a 32-Mile River Bike Path

The path along the Los Angeles River could connect a large swath of this famously car-centric city. But first the city needs to build out an eight-mile gap—no easy undertaking.

Bypassing Trump on Fuel Standards, California Reaches Its Own Auto Deal

California and four major automakers announced a deal Thursday on fuel efficiency standards. But the plan was met with resistance by the Trump administration, which has vowed to enforce its proposed lower fuel standard.

Child Drowning Rates Drop As Communities Adopt Stricter Building Codes

Drowning rates for children age 14 and younger now about one-third of what they were in the early 1980s.

The Streets of East Palo Alto Are Crammed with Commuters. The City Turns to Its Residents for Solutions

COMMENTARY | In a city plagued by traffic congestion, and the air pollution that goes along with it, officials are working with residents and a consultant to figure out if tech solutions or other strategies can help get cars off the roads.

No More ‘Manhole’ and ‘Manpower’ for This City

Under new rules in Berkeley, California, the municipal code will be changed to eliminate gender references.

Could Public Banks Help California Fund Affordable Housing?

A coalition of bank activists in ten California cities is pushing for public banks. A bill to support them is working its way through the state legislature.