Trump Administration Issues Final Auto Emissions Rollback

The new standards will require automakers to reduce vehicle emissions by 1.5% each year, as opposed to 5% reductions required under an Obama-era rule.

New York and California Governors Order Most People to Stay Home

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | New York orders all non-essential businesses to close and workers to stay home, the day after California imposed "shelter in place" across the state ... Florida counties closing beaches, while governor resists issuing order ... Wastewater administrators ask people to stop flushing wipes.

California Didn’t Become More Dangerous After It Passed a Sanctuary Law, Study Says

Law enforcement warned that California’s sanctuary policy would endanger public safety. New research found that hasn’t been the case.

Cruise Ship Quarantined Off the Coast of California Due to Coronavirus Concerns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Nineteen states sue over border wall … Parents sue Nevada over school funding … Colorado legislature passes bill to protect cyclists.

This State Might Require Gender-Neutral Toy and Clothing Aisles in Stores

A proposal in California would require certain department stores to eliminate boy- and girl-specific departments for toys, clothing and childcare items in an attempt to "let kids be kids."

A City Moves to Ban Wild and Exotic Animals at House Parties

People are free to behave like party animals in Los Angeles, but legislation the City Council approved this week aims to prevent them from partying with animals.

A Major Union Push to Organize Child Care Providers in California

A new law granted workers the ability to collectively bargain with the state, an effort that union organizers are calling “historic.”

How States Are Battling Other States’ Travel Bans

Texas is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to declare California’s ban on state-funded travel to the Lone Star state unconstitutional.

States Take the Reins in Resilience Planning

Governors say states are taking steps to assure their long-term resiliency in the face of worsening climate change—and in the absence of sweeping federal action.

State Proposal to Mandate Pay for Worker Shift Changes Draws Fire

The California Chamber of Commerce this week branded the bill a “job killer.” But prior research suggests scheduling uncertainty is hard on service sector employees.

The Truth About the California Exodus

COMMENTARY | California is getting older, richer, and less politically powerful.

Young Ranchers Are Finding New Ways to Raise Livestock and Improve the Land

COMMENTARY | New ranchers in California are using innovative strategies that they believe can mitigate wildfire risk to communities and improve soil through grazing.

California Plan to Reduce Homelessness Forces Cities, Counties to Step Up

A proposal by the governor’s Council of Regional Homeless Advisors would mandate that cities, counties and the state reduce homelessness or be vulnerable to court action.

Fighting Wildfire With Fire: New Study Looks at Barriers to ‘Prescribed’ Burns

Researchers say that millions of acres of California forest is in need of preventative measures to help lower wildfire risks.

Proposal Could Impose Higher Taxes on Companies With Large CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

A California Senate committee approved a bill meant to address big pay disparities between corporate executives and employees.

In California, a Landmark Labor Law’s Turbulent Rollout

The enactment of the new “gig worker” guidelines has been celebrated by some and assailed by others, and may offer lessons for states pursuing similar policies.

Homeless Californians Adapt to Camp Sweeps and 'The Caltrans Shuffle’

Every other week, people living on state land near a freeway must pack up for a California Department of Transportation cleaning, which can often result in losing crucial belongings.

The Bill That Could Make California Livable Again

COMMENTARY | S.B. 50 would make the state denser, cheaper, greener, and more affordable.

California’s Jails Are in a Deadly Crisis. Here’s How Experts Suggest Fixing Them.

An investigation by McClatchy and ProPublica found unchecked violence and inhumane conditions in county jails, but the state’s oversight agency has no power to stop it. Experts say that needs to change.

Fecal Bacteria In California’s Waterways Increases With Homeless Crisis

As homeless people in California are often making due without access to basic facilities like toilets, there are elevated levels of fecal bacteria in some of the state's prized waterways. It's set off a battle with the Trump administration.