There Really, Really Isn’t a Silver Bullet for Climate Change

Nuclear power might be part of a Green New Deal, but it can’t meet all U.S. energy needs.

Why Americans Might Never Notice Climate Change’s Hotter Weather

A person fretting about a “scorching” day might find the same temperature unremarkable within five years, a new study finds.

Cities’ Progress Toward Carbon Neutrality Gets Tougher

Some, like Minneapolis, still rely heavily on polluting natural gas to heat buildings through frigid winters.

Climate Change Enters Its Blood-Sucking Phase

As winters grow warmer in North America, thirsty ticks are on the move.

Care About Climate Change? Care About Scooters

COMMENTARY | Solving our biggest global crisis of a rapidly warming planet means considering everything through the lens of potential solutions, even something as small as the electric scooter.

The East Coast Is Going to Get Arkansas-ified

A new study finds the climate “twin city” for hundreds of places across the United States.

Costly Natural Disasters Becoming More Frequent

In the past two years, damage caused by wildfires cost about $40 billion, roughly the same as the costs of the past 37 years combined, an analysis finds.

Cashing In on a Warming Arctic

In Maine, some see the melting ice to the north as an opportunity.

Entrepreneurs May Yet Save Us From Climate Change

COMMENTARY | Adapting to climate change will require new approaches at the local level. On the Chesapeake Bay, entrepreneurs are being incentivized to find the answers.

Logging, Money Battles Delay Wildfire Prevention Work

While the U.S. Forest Service is trying to work with states on projects to lower fire damage, more money is needed to comply with President Trump's "active management" mandate for public lands.

The Unprecedented Surge in Fear About Climate Change

More Americans than ever are worried about climate change, but they’re not willing to pay much to stop it.

Are We Living Through Climate Change’s Worst-Case Scenario?

“We’re a lot closer than we should be,” one Stanford scientist warned.

A Terrifying Sea-Level Prediction Now Looks Far Less Likely

But experts warn that our overall picture of sea-level rise looks far scarier today than it did even five years ago.

Democrats Establish a New House ‘Climate Crisis’ Committee

But it will likely lack the broad powers favored by supporters of a Green New Deal.

The Southwest May Be Deep Into a Climate-Changed Mega-Drought

Global warming may have turned an already historic dry spell into the third-worst drought of the past 1,000 years.

Crowdsourcing King Tides to Better Understand Rising Sea Levels

In Washington state and Virginia, the public can help planners and researchers monitor the inundation of low-lying coastal areas.

Calif. AG, EPA Chief Square Off on Climate Report

The report said climate change can already be felt across the country, warning that the effects will get worse in coming years without steps to curb global warming.