Climate Change

Climate Change Is a Political Crisis, Not a Reproductive One

COMMENTARY | Asking millennials to forego children in the name of climate change only lets the fossil fuel industry off the hook.

2019 Capped the Hottest Decade on Record

The past decade was the hottest in recorded history, and 2019 was the second-warmest year, according to data released Wednesday by NOAA and NASA.

Oil and Gas Group Bristles at Prospect of Fracking Ban

Some Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential nomination have voiced support for such a policy.

States Seek to Keep Climate Change Lawsuit Out of Federal Court

Thirteen states filed a brief this month hoping to keep a Rhode Island lawsuit against oil and gas companies in state rather than federal court.

A State Restarts Its Electric Vehicle Rebates

Massachusetts extended its rebate program through at least 2021 after legislators provided funding for the program in the most recent budget.

The Human Brain Evolved When Carbon Dioxide Was Lower

There is substantial but inconsistent evidence that as carbon-dioxide levels rise, they could affect human cognition.

State Attorneys General Are Waging a Climate Change Battle Against the Trump Administration

In filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, Democratic state AGs have paid particular attention to both climate change and environmental protections.

States Split on Climate, So U.S. Will Miss Emissions Target

Even where states have succeeded in shrinking their carbon footprint, they’ve been hampered by the Trump administration’s rollbacks to regulations on power plants and vehicle emissions.

Dozens of States Want to Keep America’s Broken Climate Promise

States still aiming to meet U.S. climate commitments will reduce emissions 20 to 27 percent below their all-time high by 2025, a new report card shows.

Swim Classes for Truck Drivers? Utilities Adapt to Climate Change, Flooding Threats

Water and sewer utilities are on the front lines as local governments grapple with severe weather, natural disasters and other climate-related fallout.

With West Coast States Blocking Coal Export Projects, Proponents Keep Pushing

Environmental and public health concerns have doomed some proposals. But the volatile economics of sending coal overseas calls into question how much it can help struggling mines.

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Cities, Tribes Try a New Environmental Approach: Give Nature Rights

“Rights of nature” could help fight climate change and habitat loss.

How Cities Can Cool Down Urban Heat Islands

Growth and climate change are warming cities. Local leaders can consider a variety of approaches to reduce temperatures.

Are Floating Buildings the Solution to Sea Level Rise?

A prototype in the San Francisco Bay is testing a vision for floating buildings built to withstand sea-level rise.

Climate Readiness Plan: Just (Let the Rivers) Go With the Flow

Washington is one of the rare states to have its own state-funded buyout and restoration program, one that is set up to remove development from flood-prone areas on an ongoing basis.

The Problem With ‘Cool Pavements’: They Make People Hot

A tool to help solve the problem of urban heat islands could have an unwelcome side effect, new research in L.A. finds.

More Frequent and Intense Tropical Storms Mean Less Recovery Time for the World’s Coastlines

COMMENTARY | More frequent and intense tropical storms have far-reaching ecological impacts on coastlines that last for months or years after storms pass.

The Problem With Switching to Electric Cars

Switching to EVs en masse could help bring down planet-killing carbon emissions. But Americans also need to drive less, right now.

The Oceans We Know Won’t Survive Climate Change

Sea-level rise will become unmanageable, and life will flee the world’s tropical oceans, if carbon pollution keeps rising, a new report from the UN climate panel says.