Coronavirus Shows Cracks in the Gig Economy

COMMENTARY | The coronavirus has exposed the problematic nature of the gig economy on workers’ pay and benefits.

Some States Stall Plastic Bag Bans During Coronavirus Outbreak

Lawmakers and some store chains are temporarily banning reusable bags amid fears that their usage could help spread coronavirus.

Nearly 200 Cities Short on Supplies for Dealing With Coronavirus, Mayors Report

The U.S. Conference of Mayors says new survey findings show shortages of essential items have reached “crisis proportions.”

House Passes Coronavirus Aid Package—But Democrats Say More Help Needed for States and Cities

The House approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Friday, but lawmakers said they expect to address the growing financial needs of local governments in a fourth bill.

‘We’re Doing What We Can’: How a Makeshift Network Is Filling in the Gaps with Medical Supplies

A shortage of necessary medical supplies like face masks has engaged a broad coalition of helpers, from those at home with just a sewing machine and fabric to public libraries with 3D printers.

Help Wanted: Retired Doctors And Nurses Don Scrubs Again In Coronavirus Fight

Some governors have issued pleas for retired medical professionals to join the fight against coronavirus.

The Child-Care Crisis Is Even Worse for Health-Care Workers

Medical professionals need to be at work more urgently than ever, but their child care has essentially evaporated. Eager (but fragile) networks of volunteers have stepped in to help.

Trail Use Way Up as Coronavirus Stifles Other Activities

“People are craving outlets for their physical and mental well being,” said an expert. But this has created concerns that people are too crammed together in these open spaces.

California, New York Extend Mortgage Relief to Homeowners

Action taken by the states will temporarily halt foreclosure proceedings and allow residents to defer mortgage payments.

Local Government's Still Open—Remotely

As Covid-19 takes hold in communities, local governments are transitioning staff members to telework—a first for many localities. And it's come with challenges, from slow broadband connections to a laptop shortage.

Is America Ready for a Second Wave of Coronavirus?

A resurgence of the virus would strain local health systems already close to a breaking point—but they might be more prepared the second time around.

Public Health Officials To Newsom: Lockdown Won’t Work Without Enforcement

Relying on social pressure as the primary tool to persuade people to comply threatens to slow progress.

Covid-19 Shows Us Why We Should Keep ICE Out of Hospitals

COMMENTARY | Fearing Trump’s immigration police, people are avoiding health care facilities. That’s dangerous, particularly now.

Coronavirus Is Slamming State Unemployment Systems

Funding is one concern, another is handling an unprecedented wave of claims.

Don’t Halt Social Distancing. Instead, Do It Right.

COMMENTARY | There are two things the United States must do to beat the coronavirus.

Schools, Transit, Hospital Funding Included in Senate Coronavirus Bill

Senate leaders agreed on a package that includes $340 billion for relief efforts boosting schools, hospitals and state and local governments, as well as a $150 billion fund specifically to help states and localities fight the pandemic.

‘Prisons Are Bacteria Factories’; Elderly Most at Risk

“You’re going to see devastation that’s unbelievable.”

Americans Say They Are Taking Social Distancing More Seriously, Poll Shows

New polling shows that, on the whole, Americans say they are stepping up efforts to isolate themselves—but some demographics are being more cautious than others.