Supreme Court Shows Interest in Clash Over Pipeline Builders Seizing State Land

The high court is asking the Trump administration to offer its views on the New Jersey case, which involves a roughly $1 billion natural gas pipeline project.

A Proposal to Exempt Schools from Civil Lawsuits if Students are Exposed to Covid-19 on Campus

A bill in Louisiana would shield K-12 schools, colleges and universities from many lawsuits from teachers and students who are exposed to the coronavirus on campus.

Trump Administration Weighs in Against Hawaii Quarantine Mandate for Travelers

Restrictions on out-of-state arrivals in several states have drawn court challenges. Meanwhile, New York and two other states moved ahead with a policy like this on Wednesday.

Lawmakers Push for Special Prosecutors to Oversee Cases Involving Police Killings

Proponents say assigning special prosecutors to investigate when police officers use deadly force can eliminate a potential conflict of interest among local district attorneys who regularly work with police.

Two Years After the Wayfair Decision, State Governments Still Lag on Modernizing Technology Infrastructure to Collect Online Sales Tax Revenue

COMMENTARY | Two years have passed since the landmark Supreme Court decision and the Covid-19 pandemic has put more emphasis on online sales tax revenue than ever before. As states grapple with budget shortfalls, leaders will need to carefully consider how technology is used to ensure that no tax revenue goes unaccounted for.

Gay and Transgender Workers Protected By Federal Employment Law, Supreme Court Rules

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Louisiana governor vetoes “critical infrastructure” trespassing bill … Cuomo warns maskless New Yorkers that more lockdown could be coming … Rhode Island AG wants to handle more police misconduct cases.

Multiple Gun Cases Rejected By Supreme Court

The court hasn’t handed down a major Second Amendment ruling in about a decade. On Monday, it for now put off the possibility of changing that anytime soon.

State Prosecutors and Voters—​​​​​​​Not the Feds—​​​​​​​Can Hold Corrupt Officials Accountable

COMMENTARY | U.S. Supreme Court decisions could make it more difficult to prosecute public corruption cases in federal court. But that doesn't mean there aren't other options.

Jury Trials Begin Again, Carefully

Jury trials require assembling a pool of potentially hundreds of people at a time in enclosed spaces, where it can be difficult to follow the social distancing and crowd control guidelines.

New Hampshire Latest State to Try to Limit Out-of-State Tourists

New Hampshire is reopening certain recreational sites, but trying to limit them to residents. Other states have attempted similar measures, with mixed results.

Supreme Court Dismisses First Major Gun Case in a Decade

But at least four conservative justices made clear they would like to see the court take up another gun rights case soon.

DOJ Could Intervene If States Too Restrictive Going Forward, Barr Says

“We have to do a better job of making sure that the measures that are being adopted are properly targeted,” said U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

Close the Churches

COMMENTARY | State and local shutdown orders shouldn’t exempt religious gatherings, and those communities should comply.

Exempting Breastfeeding Mothers from Jury Duty

A proposal in Washington state would allow breastfeeding mothers to skip jury duty.

Protecting the Privacy of First Responders

A proposal in New York would prohibit disclosure of the home addresses of paramedics and firefighters to defense attorneys during court proceedings.

After Deadly Crash, Lawsuit Spotlights Problem of Parking Near Intersections

When cars are parked close to intersections, they can block drivers from seeing other traffic and pedestrians. A lawsuit seeks a court order to force Portland, Oregon to address the issue.

A Plan To Prevent Drunk Drivers From Buying Alcohol

Proposed legislation in Utah would create an "Alcohol-Restricted Individual Program," with both voluntary and court-ordered participation.

Speaking Statistically, This GOP Donor Wants to Convince You that Money Buys Justice in Texas

After losing before the Texas Supreme Court against a big oil company, a wealthy Republican donor concluded that major corporations represented by certain elite law firms are more likely to succeed at the state's high court.

Federal Court Rules Against State Law Requiring Ex-Felons to Pay Fines and Fees Before Voting

The appeals court found the law created an unconstitutional penalty against people who can’t afford to pay certain financial obligations, but have served the rest of their sentences.

American Law Does Not Take Rape Seriously

COMMENTARY | Permeating every moment of Harvey Weinstein’s trial is the disturbing history of sexual-assault prosecution in America.