More Cities Are Banishing Highways Underground—And Building Parks on Top

The urgent need to repair or upgrade many half-century-old urban expressways also is fueling the construction of so-called freeway caps.

‘Evidence-Based’ Provisions Localities Are Backing in 2019 Appropriation Bills

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings are the only city officials to individually sign on.

Why Amazon Can’t Pick Dallas, Austin or Atlanta for Its HQ2

It’s morally imperative that Jeff Bezos throw out these three bids and instead set his sights on a city that will be a home to everyone—one that truly values inclusivity and diversity.

Dallas, Other Cities Playing a Familiar Disaster-Relief Role

As people leave Harvey’s disaster zone, Texas state officials ask that the Dallas Convention Center be ready to shelter 5,000 people by Tuesday morning.

Widows of Fallen Officers Request Dallas Mayor Not to Attend Ceremony

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: North Carolina’s paltry federal disaster recovery funds; San Francisco mayor’s new 9-1-1 call pledge; and Ohio’s woeful nursing home rankings.

Microsoft’s 5 Steps to Urban Cyber Resilience

If the Dallas hack taught us anything, it’s that cities are growing targets.

Dallas Blames Hacker for Major Malfunction of Emergency Sirens

After 156 outdoor sirens wailed for more than an hour, the city is “putting in safeguards to ensure this type of hack does not happen again.”

The Stadiums That Ate Texas

Why are these Dallas suburbs funding the most expensive high school football stadiums ever built?

A Lawsuit Accuses Black Lives Matter of Inciting a 'War on Police'

The father of a slain Dallas officer brought the suit, which calls the organization a “violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”

A Municipal Model for Place-Based Impact Investing

Dallas foundations have close to $2 billion to spend on social change.

Dallas County Fights 'Slumlord' Over Evictions; New Sacramento Arena Poses Parking Problems

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Columbus, Ohio rescinds employee pay raises; Anchorage's 911 system bleeds cash; and Boston Satanists aren't backing down on invocation.

Navigator Award Finalist: Team From Dallas Center for Performance Excellence

Establishing citywide policy priorities through proper benchmarking to improve quality of life.

Police Demand Access to Military-Grade Equipment After Shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge

Police organizations want a ban on such equipment repealed for officer safety, but killings of police are actually at an all-time low.

One Day in 1970 That Changed Policing in the U.S.

The Newhall Massacre nearly 50 years ago led departments to prioritize protecting their officers.

'Running on Fumes,' Dallas Police Chief Says 'We're All on Edge'

David Brown, the head of the city’s police force, said Monday investigators are reviewing hours of video footage of last week’s deadly attack in Texas.

A Black Police Chief on the Dallas Attacks

One veteran officer speaks from the heart, on the intersection of race and policing.