The 'Horrifying' Consequence of Lead Poisoning

Exposure to the toxin leads to higher risk of miscarriages, new research finds, in addition to other long-lasting effects.

Five Involuntary Manslaughter Charges in the Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Health Director Nick Lyon and four other officials are accused of failing to act on a Legionnaires' disease outbreak associated with the city’s lead-poisoning problems.

Why Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law Is Preemption on Steroids

A new survey of local government leaders in the Great Lakes State finds widespread agreement that this approach—while offering some benefits—simply goes too far.

Flint's Emergency Managers Face Felony Charges Over Lead in the Water

The officials include two people appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to run the city.

Cost of Lead Poisoning in Flint Now Estimated at $458 Million

A case for investing in human health rather than paying for the consequences of inaction

More Charges in the Flint Water Crisis

Six officials were charged Friday in connection with the scandal in the city in Michigan.

How a Mobile Market Will Boost Access to Healthy Food in Flint

And a researcher’s data-driven map will point the portable grocer to the city’s neediest areas.

Flint-Inspired Senate Bill Provisions Would Finance State Water Infrastructure

The bipartisan legislation aims to help states with localities struggling to deal with contaminated drinking water.

Doctor Who Helped Expose Lead in Flint’s Water Praises EPA Whistleblower

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, having heard alarms sounded about Flint by Virginia Tech civil engineering professor Marc Edwards, tried to trace government blood tests of Flint residents but ran into obstacles.

Indictments in Flint Water Investigation; Uber, Lyft Score California Victory

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Gov. Rick Snyder Named in Flint’s First RICO Suit; N.J. Township Fights Turkeys With Airhorns

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Flint Mayor Threatens Michigan With Lawsuit Over Water Crisis

Countering the state's funding games with a bid to fast-track replacement of lead pipes in families’ homes

Flint Water Crisis Could Spur Changes to Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law

A less hands-on, longer-lasting intervention model might be what's needed.

Mich. Municipal League: State Is ‘Strategically Disinvesting in Our Communities Right Now’

One fiscally distressed city says it is “just one step away from becoming a Flint and a Detroit.”

Gallup Survey: Americans Have Become More Worried About Water Pollution

Providing a backdrop for the findings: lead contamination in Flint, Michigan’s drinking water, and emerging concerns over the chemical PFOA in several Northeastern states.

Flint's 'Blame Game' Goes Nowhere

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy were grilled by House legislators at a third hearing Thursday, but who's responsible for the ongoing water crisis depends on which party you ask.

What Really Caused the Flint Crisis

And what happened to America’s infrastructure, once the envy of the world?

State & Local Weekend Digest: Rick Snyder’s Odds of Survival; ‘Bleak Outlook’ for Oklahoma Higher Ed

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